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My name is Princess Foster i started working for The dollar tree here in Williamston NC in October. I learned quickly even tho i had no real training. The last day i worked was Saturday 11/18/17. I was fired over the phone on Monday morning 11/20/17 for following my closing managers orders by finishing up and clocking out which she told me don't worry about staying because her mom was coming. By me following her orders i lost my job and the situation was not handled in the proper manner i need my job .im a full time student and i don't have any kids or car in the state of NC you have to have at least 20 hours a week to receive foodstamps. I requested more hours to get turned down. I was walking back and forth to work never late never missed a day other than being sick and a mess up on the schedule when he scheduled me for a time i was in school. I want my job back. I deserve another chance. Please help me. [protected]

Dollar Tree

Nov 29, 2017

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