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Davison, MI, US Review updated:

I visited dollar tree in davsion on m15 rd today at 1:15pm when I went to check out my card was declined so I thought I would split the total between 2 cards unfortunately that did not work An there got to be a very long line so the cashier Aaron call for a manger the I guess the manager was on lunch he seemed annoyed to be bother but he came out looked at the register An my receipt to see how he could fix it An said he couldn't do a post void but to just take 11 items out An walked back into the office so I thought I was suppose to pick out the items that I was keeping the cashier still didn't seem to understand what he was suppose to do so the he yells to the other cashier ringing an tells her my card was declined what is he suppose to do with the 11 items An the line to check out was getting even longer so then the manager comes back out takes the items I was wanting to keep An walks over to another register an I was left standing there not understanding what I was suppose to take or if my debit card was refunded there wasn't a lot of communications he was very short tempered an annoyed with me the whole time so I didn't know what was going on it was already in embarrassing enough my card was declined that he didn't need to be so rude to me about it an embarrasses me more by not wanting to deal with me I just wanted to leave but I walked over to the other register he was at an asked what happened or what items I was suppose to take he said whatever the cashier gave me an I told him I had nothing he tells me I need to wait so he can ring up another customer An proceeds to give me a horrible look like I'm so stupid An he just wants me to go away so I waited till he was done An I tell him the 11 items I wanted he took an he said he meant he needed 11 to return he didn't know those were the ones I wanted he's very irritated with me An makes me he so bad about myself like I ruined his whole day An everyone in the stores puts the items I wanted in a bag An hands them to me without saying anything I said is everything fine for me to leave now then he doesn't have to do anything else he said ya! We're losing 60 cents but ya u can go . I left in tears I was so upset on how he treated me I am also a manager at a women's clothing store an I have had people's cards get declined An returns with partial payments split an never once have I let a customer get that upset An embarrassed nor announce to other customers the situation of another customer situation a manager should make sure customers I treated decently no absused to the point of tears that would lose business I think he should not be in his position there are better qualified managers out there to have a poor i would not want him running a business that I owned he would be an embarrassment to me

Nov 29, 2017

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