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G Nov 29, 2017 Review updated:

I had recently purchased an air freshener from dollar tree and didn't notice that it was expired. I hardly ever ask for a receipt when I go, therefore I didn't have a receipt for this transaction. I called to see explaining the situation and asked if I can exchange the air freshener for another one, not asking for my money back, and the lady I spoke to said " well first and for most we can't exchange anything without a receipt so we can't do anything about it." I kindly said "okay thank you" and hung up. I am very disappointed because I shop at dollar tree at least twice a week -if not more. I really love shopping at dollar tree, but this situation really upset me because now I have to throw out an air freshener I used once.

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  •   Nov 29, 2017

    I couldn't even finish reading your post. WHY DO YOU NOT KEEP RECEIPTS and WHY DIDN'T YOU CHECK TO SEE IF IT WAS EXPIRED ?!?!? WTF is WRONG with you??!!?

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      Nov 30, 2017

    When I clicked on the attached image, I noticed that the code beside the date says PRO, not EXP or SELL BY. So that means the air freshener you bought was manufactured on 7/11/17. It did not expire that day but instead came off the assembly line; no need to buy a new one unless you already threw it out.

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