Dollar General / very offensive and poor customer service at 11816 central ave se abq nm (store b-central and juan tabo)

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To Dollar General Support Team and Management Staff

I attempted to shop at the 11816 Central Ave SE Albuquerque NM (Store B-corner of Central Ave and Juan Tabo Blvd in the NE highs) this afternoon on my way home from work (shopping for a coworkers birthday). I found a beach bag for $12.99 right away, I thought it was very cute and perfect for her. I picked it up and proceeded to continue shopping for other birthday items when I was approached by a store attendant and was told I needed to leave the beach bag at the front due to theft. After she took the bag form me, I began to feel very uncomfortable that she assumed I was there to seal the bag and/other items. I approached her and told her the following " I know your are just doing what you think is your job, but what you did was very offensive, if the store is having trouble with theft of the bags why aren't they all locked up at the front of the store?". She said it was just theft management, I then told her "I felt very offended, I work very hard for my money and don't steal" she said nothing. The more I proceeded to shop for my coworkers birthday stuff I felt more and more strange and uncomfortable. I found the lady again and handed over my hand basket of stuff and told her that I felt very strange and decided to not shop there.

In short, I work at the largest hospital in New Mexico and work make very good salary. My house, my truck and my four (4) acres of land are all payed off in full. I spend on average $400-$600 dollars just on myself a month (purses, wallets heels, clothes and hair care)! I don't usually shop at the Doller General and after what happened to me today, I will never attempt to shop there again! In addition, I will I work with a very large amount of people and will also advise them to never shop a a Dollar General either! I will continue to shop at Ross, Rainbow, Hobby Lobby, Target and Wallmart; where I have never experienced this kind of treatment and at the very least they are very nice, helpful and friendly.

In closeing, if the Dollar General wants a better class of people that don't seal to shop at their outlets, I suggest they train their staff personal to treat people with a little respect and courtesy!

Thank you,
Carrie Jo

Mar 24, 2017

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