Dollar General / unfair employee promotion practices

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Dollar general 518 main street sulphur springs Texas 75482

There is an employee that has been with the company for close to 4 years and was recently given a much deserved promotion to store manager

The store she took over was a train wreck complete chaos yet she continued to work herself to death getting the store back in shape and all the while she had other employees that were visibly not putting in even half the effort some of them were going as far as to intentionally sabotage her efforts for example I witnessed one man stack items in front of the electrical panel just moments before the district manager came in to see how progress was going the same man I also witnessed stacking things in front of the fire extinguishers and another employee constantly hid stock around the store instead of opening the boxes and actually putting the items in their rightful place

After only two months of this lady doing everything she could to make sure that the company was represented well by straightening up the store as quickly as possible she has now been demoted and was forced to take a hefty pay cut I'm assuming while the same employee who has been sabotaging her and has only been an employee of the company for less than a year is now being given the role of acting manager it has been two weeks at most since the change in leadership and the store has a stock room packed full of unworked stock along with at least three isles that are completely blocked by unworked stock still on carts I have heard customers and employees alike complain about the new manager and the state of the store

The lady who was the manager has helped turn around all three stores in the area and when she gets transfered to another store the customers follow her because we know that she will always make our shopping experience more pleasant

I feel that she is being used only to help other employees advance while she is continually being cut short

Mar 22, 2017

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