Dollar General / true living hose

Kansas City, MO, United States

I purchased a hose on June 15th 2017 at the Dollar General on 7525 Wornall in Kansas City Mo.I brought the hose home, hooked it up turned it on, it immediately started kinking everywhere and blew a hole in it.I never even used the hose.I shut it off, rolled it up and put it on my porch.I was gone for the next few days, but returned it to the store I purchased it at.I waited in line, then waited again while the cashier helped other customers first.She had to call her manager as they were not in the store or coming into the store.She then told me the manager said they don't take the hoses back unless it was damaged at the store.First of all how would they know or me if it was already damaged as the hose was wrapped up.There was also no sign saying no return or refunds on hoses.If the hose just kinked I would not have returned it, but it was not usable.The total on this item was 15.00 plus 1.35 tax.This is not a huge investment, but no hose, no money.I want a full refund

Jun 22, 2017

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