Dollar Generalstore/it is a wreck, always!

The store I am complaining about is located in Covington, Tennessee, on Highway 59 West, 38019. I live very close to this store, and I go there often, and every time i go in it it is a wreck! I don't care what time of day I go. This morning when I went in, at about 8:30 CST, I had to move stuff out of the way to get down an isle, and to look at the greeting cards. That was it, I mean, my goodness.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Covington, TNEither you don't have enough people to work the store or they are not doing there job.
A month or so ago there was a man that worked there, maybe the store manager, and the store started looking better. But, I haven't seen him lately. This is a pretty new store, but, it doesn't look like it. I like the convenience of the store, but, something needs to be done.
Donna Gwin

May 08, 2017

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