Dollar General Store #13418 / hostile, rude & disrespectful employees & managers!

Mount Sterling, IL, United States

I think its ridiculous how Dollar General stores allow their Employees & Managers to treat Customers! My dollar general store is the same way, the manager and employees treat me like im a criminal. I feel nervous and have severe anxiety when i shop there. I dread checking out at the register or asking an employee for assistance. They are very rude, have a bad attitude towards customers, disrespectful, and extremely unprofessional!!! Last time i checked, the customers are what pays the bills there and makes it possible for employees to have steady income!! After my experience today at store # 13418, in Mount Sterling KY, I will NO longer shop there, im tired of getting verbally abused in front of other customers and shopping in a hostile environment. Need to call the BBB on them and News Channel 36 on your side to have them investigated! Not to mention, report them to OSHA and all the clutter in the store is a safety and fire hazard, and its not handicap accessable. Theres no way a disable person can move around in the store because of clutter and blocked isles. Very dirty and unorganized. Employees treat customers horribly!! I would be ashamed of myself to run a store that functions that way!

May 2, 2017

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