Dollar General / simply attempting to be a customer.

Review updated:

At approx. 8pm on 7/23/2018...I entered the Dollar General store located at 3808 7th Street Rd. Louisville KY.40216
I litterally walked straight in and forward down the aisle ahead. The cashier at registered had greeted me with 'Hello', upon me walking thru the doors. I walked to the end of the aisle, looked both ways to figure out what direction to go for cleaning supplies...I had not even gone up the second aisle nearly half way, when approached by the store security (a dark skin girl with long braids) she asked, "how you doing today", I replied, "fine". She then says, "let me see what you have there in your bag" I said, "excuse me". She then said, she just saw me put something in my bag. I told her, "No she did not, I just walked in this store" She then said, "Oh really, okay then" and she walked towards the back of store. I then proceeded down the aisle to the front doors and I said to the cashier, who had greeted me, "Did I not just walk thru this door?" She replied, " A few minutes ago, yes." I said, "Less than a minute ago"and I proceeded out the door. I was insulted, disgusted and embarrassed by the whole situation. I had not even touched an item in the store. I never got in my purse for anything. I had my right hand on purse strap when entering the store and a $10 bill in my left hand. Your security needs to have proof to provide before acusing someone who had just entered the store of a crime. Please review your tapes from this date and time and take necessary action. I can assure you, that you have lost more than one customer over this as none of my friends or family will ever again shop here.

Jul 25, 2018

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