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Huntington, Wv, United States Review updated:

Sign on front door days "stop!! Check out our wall of shame. We have photos are you going to be next?". 5th Ave store.

I think that is an obnoxious thing for the customer to see first thing as they walk in the door. There also is a sign saying large purses will be checked. It sounds like your company is expecting customers to steal instead of being thankful we are there. It just doesn't seem welcoming.

It's probably also racist because the sign is in a black demographic and you do not have the sign in nicer neighborhoods. The way it is worded is that you think the customer is there to steal...that's not very welcoming.

Dollar General

Jun 26, 2017
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  •   Sep 26, 2017

    Racist that a sign is placed in a store that has a particular demographic? Do you hear yourself? If the majority of people in the town are one color, and that majority of color is committing the crime, how the hell is is racist to put a sign that discourages the crime?

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  • Tl
      Oct 11, 2017

    Yeah, while not the most professional way to greet customers, the intrigue probably gets the store return visitors/shoppers who just go to see who got caught shoplifting that week. As far as 'checking large bags' goes, I doubt it's legal. State's laws probably dictate and a quick Google search should answer that question for you. Regarding the other issue, if shoplifting were not a huge problem in that store, they wouldn't have put the sign up. There aren't signs up in those other parts of town because there isn't a major theft issue there. One could bring up larger systemic racism arguements, but just the act of putting up that sign...not racist.

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  • Ch
      Oct 15, 2017

    If the sign offends you don't shop there. That's kind of how it works in America. I'm sure you could find an upscale store that would be very willing to take much more of your money. Go shop there!!!

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  • Ev
      Nov 01, 2017

    Nice to see that there is some intelligent life left on the web; you liberals screaming racism need to go do some self examination and tackle your hypocrisy; shoplifting costs EVERYONE. Consumers have to pay more when something is stolen. I did not realize this was rocket science. I will agree that stores do not seem welcoming anymore and some employees (without good judgment and security guard wannabes) will follow you around because they want to catch someone stealing; I take my money and go elsewhere when this happens. Quit whining and learn how to deal with something; it is not that hard.

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  •   Nov 01, 2017
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    @Everybody's Enemy The only thing I do differently than you when someone 'follows me' around a store, is just to continue shopping and let them do their job. If they do catch someone stealing while they are following me, all the better. It means I will not have to pay more the next time I shop. The only people who get offended when employees do their job watching for shoplifters are the ones guilty of it.

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  • Li
      Jan 14, 2018

    Racist???? Are you kidding me. It seems everything is explained away by racism!!! It seems to me, a thief would be the only one with a problem with this sign. It wouldn't bother me to see this sign. Too many people are thieving and causing issues like; prices going up. loss of profits cause prices to go up. Inventory control issues for employees and companies.For those of you who are fighting for Sharia law, you would get hands cut off for stealing. Careful what you ask for, you may get it!

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  • Li
      Jan 14, 2018

    I see through the door on the picture you are black. You are creating your own stereotype and they have been perpetuating it for years.

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  • So
      Jan 25, 2018

    This Dollar General Store is absolutely awful to shop in! I normally drive to another county, when this one is just across the road from me, but I didn't feel well yesterday, so I thought I would try one more time. BUT, LOOK WHAT I FOUND. SO FRUSTRATING TRYING TO SHOP IN THIS MESS, WHEN YOU CAN'T EVEN GET DOWN THE ISLES! WHAT IS UP WITH THIS STORE? Even if it's truck day, they should wait till after customer hours of shopping. I worked in retail before, and was not allowed to get in the customer's way. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!

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  •   Jan 26, 2018

    @Sonya Mitchell It is called staffing. Everything in that place is $1, and sometimes less. How much staff do you think they are going to pay for to keep that cost down? Use your brain for a second. If they want to keep charging $1 for everything, then they can't have a store full of people, and they sure as hell aren't going to pay people to stay after the store closes to stock the shelves. It costs money to run those stores.

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