Dollar General / service-poor management at the california missouri store

California, MO, United States

The dollar general in California Missouri was doing pretty good and that's good because it's the only store like it for 15 miles. A lot of people have been driving to the dollar general in Tipton, Mo because since the new management has taken over, the store is filthy and the floors are disgusting. The aisles are full of toys and products laying all over the floor etc. most of the cashiers are rude and act like it's a bother to help you. Also they are consistently out of major stuff like ibuprofen and Tylenol, scotch tape etc. There is clutter everywhere and this isn't on stocking days, this pretty much all the time now!!! Would like for it to go back the way it was. Also some products that would be great to carry are ELF brand of makeup and Argon oil for hair. Many people in this town use Elf and have to buy it online. Several of us also REFUSE to use cover girl anymore. Anyway, just a thought .

May 16, 2017

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