Dollar General / service complaint dg of gustine ca 95322

Gustine, CA, United States

Poor customer service lot of employees walking around usually 1 cashier
at times 2 huge lines and its frustrating because its only store in town
and if you have a $100 bill you cant buy nothing theres never change they
have signs posted saying you pay with a $100 bill u will not get change
I know neighbors and myself have called different phone numbers for
Dollar general and complaint and nothing has gotten done and I personally
know one of employees she was in tears from all the complaints she gets and she says the manager snaps at them when they give her a complaint,
that store has more potential the powers for better numbers a lot of people walk out because they never have change or cant buy ice cream
because of the slow service the people don't care they are just there to collect a check theres a couple of them that do tell us to keep complaining.
So please do something about it better for everybody.

Oct 26, 2017

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