Dollar General / service

Mt Penn, United States

I have been shopping at the dollar general for at least the past 9 years. Lately every time I have shopped there there is always I guess one of ur employees outside right at the front door smoking. Then to go into the store to shop there is always these big metal cage like objects all over the store that makes it very hard to shop or even get thru the aisles. Then I get to the front to check out and I have to wait in a line of four or more customers to make my purchase. They never open up another register and it is very annoying knowing that they could if ur employee wasn't outside smoking. I will not be shopping there anymore. I will travel the extra mile or two to go to another store to make my purchases. U should really evaluate ur employees at this store because they do not give ur customers the attention or service they deserve. Also the store is a mess. Looks like they never clean up the store to make it look presentable to the outside. I shop there all times of the days and nights and the store has lately been a mess. U have lost a faithful customer at that store cause I will never shop there again

Oct 22, 2017

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