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I am sorry to have to do this, but I feel it best for the community.

Last night, I arrived at Dollar General 30 minutes before close. I picked out my products and went to pay, but realized I left my money at home. I told them I would be back before close and to hold my products. When I returned 8 minutes before close, they had already locked up and shut the registers. I told them that this was not right, as the store was supposed to still be open, and after talking about me in spanish (which I later let on I can speak) they opened the door and let me in.

They had put the products I chose up, so I had to find them again (which took up some time). Finally, while paying for the items, I remembered I needed baby wipes as well so I looked for them. The older employee once again started talking about me in spanish, so I replied in spanish if she could stop insulting and instead point me to the appropriate isle. Realizing I knew what she was saying changed her demeanor, but had soured mine at that point. I explained that it was not okay to shut early in a community store, using a mother with an infant child looking for formula as an example.

The younger lady rolled her eyes and the older cashier instructed her (Mari, open the door) to let me out. I ended up forgetting 2 original items and left in a terrible mood. Think about how many times they might've skimmed time off before, and how many last second shoppers might've been turned away due to a 10 minute early close?

As I told my younger brother, I pick my battles. Employee service in a valued community store is a battle I will pick. I hope that these ladies get reprimanded for their flippant ways, and learn that the store IS a valued part of the neighborhood. Thank you for your time and I hope for an expedient conclusion to this.

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    I have the receipts to verify times, but didn't have my phone to pic it at the time. If you need any additional info, contact me via phone @ 346-917-4965 or email @ alejandro.r.[protected] Thank you

May 9, 2017
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      20th of May, 2017

    I'm sorry to say I had the same experience. I arrived before close to rush in and get a couple of items. I go to this store at least a few times per week. The lady was very rude and screamed at me literally screamed that they were closed she pushed me to my limit and I smarted back and then they refused to ring up my items which it was still not close time I demanded they ring me out and they went to the length of calling the police! The police arrived and just kept on driving smiled and waved have a good night to me he must've had dealt with this horrible customer service representative in the past. I was so angry I was done completely wrong that I called headquarters and spoke with the district manager in the end. He sent me a $25 gift card and assured me the workers would be written up. Please do the same thing just to get satisfaction and to show these terrible people that they cannot walk on others especially working in customer service. By the way I did end up leaving with my purchased items.

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