Dollar Generalrefusal to return a faulty item

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I bought a swiffer wet jet starter kit for $20 at my local dollar general where I shop frequently. When I got it home I realized it was used, broken, and didn't have the cleaning solution or pads. So I took it back immediatly with my reciept. All I wanted was a new one. The cashier was more than willing to do it for me, but the assistant manager on duty accused me of breaking it and then trying to get a new one. He made me come back 1/2 hour later to speak to the general manager. I went back and the manager accused me of the same thing! I told him I bought it off his shelf just like it was. He insisted on checking the survalence video! He came back and still after seeing me in the store with my son earlier that day buy it right off the shelf, didn't believe me!! He did give me a new one but refused to give me my money back and wrote on the receipt not to return it without seeing him. I was treated like a thief and highly insulted all because they had a broken product on thier shel[censored] I will never shop there again and have told everyone I know to do tha same!


  •   Jul 02, 2009

    I think you've inhaled way too many coal dust fumes up there in Nanticoke, PA. "Dollar General" attracts all kinds of vermin for customers trying to scam them. They're merely trying to protect themselves.

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      Nov 11, 2009

    I disagree I am from a small town went shopping about 30 min from were Ilive in TX . I went in to look at all of there christmas items went to get soap and items i needed. I heard the store manager and the cashier talk about how the lady got out of there site. I thought there were talk about someone else until i was followed around the store the cashier was on every were i went . i was so uncomfortable that i bought items i had and went to another store . I called to ask for the general manager was treated rude by the store manager and i explained it to her and she her answer was two people were arrest yesterday . I told her she could look at the tapes i had noting to hide . But i told her this shouldnt be okay to leave your customers feeling like everyone of them are out to take from you. The store manager talk over me wouldn't let me complain don't know why this women still has a job.
    dollar general store #01645
    1351 W. universtiy blvd
    odessa, tx 79764
    phone # [protected]
    I still wouldlike to talk to general mananger i did leave my name and phone # with store manager but how rude she was i doubt the gm will get it.

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  •   Jul 29, 2010

    It's a "Dollar General", you get what you pay for.

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