Dollar Generalmessy, unorganized store in pollock, louisiana

Today, May 9th 2017, I decided to shop at my local dollar general store in Pollock, Louisiana. 2 people were working the store. The front door was either propped open or it was broken, I couldn't tell because of the unkeptness at the front door. I needed a buggy to shop. Every shopping isle was either blocked or partially blocked with inventory storage rolling carts. Items were on the floors blocking the customers buggies. Stephanie the manager was totally overwhelmed. Product to be sold was in the rolling carts, the shelves were empty or so messy that you could not even get to any product.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Pollock, LAI went to this store to shop and purchase some items - I left feeling so stressed and disappointed that this neighborhood store has declined so badly. In my opinion, this store needs to be closed, rearranged, cleaned thoroughly, and restocked in an organized manner. New management would also help this store - it has so much potential. More personnel to work the inventory and merchandising along with dedicated cashiers to their own drawers would also help. I hope someone reads this comment and helps Stephanie in managing, inventorying and setting up merchandise in this store. The products in this store are old - the workers do not rotate the old product when they mix the old and new product. Please give them the help they need to keep this store going for n our community.

May 09, 2017

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