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Dollar General / management

1 Shingletown, CA, United States

The manager of the new Dollor General in Shingletown,. ca. Is a embarrassment to retail. She brings her child to work with her and lets her play with the toys in the isles and bounce balls in the entrance obstructing customers coming and going. She and a cashier made fun of what a customer was wearing to his face in a very insulting manner in front of other customers. She (the manager Dana) was present out front of store talking to the people as they were performing a drug deal. She's always late for her shifts, which leaves a young lady standing out front of store in the early mornings when its still dark out. I have witnessed that young lady stand out there for almost a hour some mornings before Dana the manager shows up. I feel that is very dangerous for the girl. Most of the time she looks like she just rolled out of bed. Cash register always unattended at first had to yell for her to come check customers out from the office visiting with other employees now there is a bell to ring. Large carts with merchandise are always sitting in isles waiting to be unloaded while she is visiting employees or visitors or just out front smoking. Which I also find offending employees should smoke out of sight of customers not right in front of the store by the doors. I have heard her make racial remarks about people after they have left the store. I worked in retail for 32 yrs and she is a disgrace to her job and your store. I will not shop there anymore ill drive 20 miles to another store before I go into the dollor general in my home town of Shingletown,. ca. There are many other things that I have witnessed that is unprofessional that this woman has done but I don't have time to write them all.

  • Updated by BigthomasA, Nov 09, 2018

    After reading many complaints posted I feel nothing will be done about the management of the Dollar General in Shingletown, .ca. It seems that hiring bad management is a habit for the Dollar Generals threw out the country. Very sad that the company chooses to employ such people to represent their company. Makes me re think where I do my business also wondering which other stores are owned by this corporation that I maybe shopping at because I will not support any business that does not care about their customers. Hoping my complaint was not for nothing.

Nov 9, 2018

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