Dollar General / hostile work environment

Pemberton, NJ, United States

On Sept. 18th 2017, I went to work (I was currently a full time lead at store 13410- Pemberton, NJ) as I usually do, that day imparticular I was outside passing time before my shift, when the acting SM and ASM, came out to join me like usual, however this day something was off. I noticed an attitude right away from the ASM. The ASM and SM start telling me how the recovery didn't look good from the night before, asking and complaining about the one cashier that was working, to be honest the two of them talk smack on all the employees
Who work that store. Making it sound like they are they only ones working. I know for a fact that I put my all in to my work when I am there. Shoot I even had to come in to run to the bank when I am not scheduled and I'm not on the clock. A lot of off the clock work takes place at that store by the SM and ASM. Anyway I tried to brush off the first conversation because it was time to clock in. So I did. And as I was counting change I had asked the SM about my hours, I stated that since they literally just mentioned about moving a new hire up to lead that may be I could work more days and could get a weekend off here or there, well that was the wrong thing to ask, because the next thing I knew I was being attacked verbally from not only the store manager but from the assistant as well. They stated they don't get weekends off (which is BS cause the SM gets every Sunday) and that they have been there longer. They both abruptly left the store. So I assumed it was over and went about my business taking care of customers and preparing my plan for that nights recovery.. Also the SM never works nights. And when she does her recovery is barely done if done at all, yet she has the nerve to complain about my recovery, which not only am I doing my recovery, but I also have to clean up after the ASM who is repeatedly leaving shopping carts full of either trash or product in the isles along with rolltainers making it hard for the customers to maneuver the isles. Also she is outside smoking more than she is inside. So anyway, I went off topic, back to the hours. When I initially was hired in March, I was under the impression that I wouldn't be on all nights and I'd be able to have a weekend off here and there, that I was ok with, but apparently I was wrong to think that, because April the ASM made sure to call the original manager who left the day I started, to see what was said to me. Well she and the acting SM came back into the store all worked up and the ASM had her phone in her hand and stated she had Athena on speaker and she was to talk to me, the ASM's body language was very hostile. She practically bumped a customer out of the way so she could bombard me with this phone call, all while I was trying to ring up a customer. That was the last straw for me, for my well being I handed in my keys and said I was done. I had a stroke in May of this year and this added stress what not what I needed. So I left during my shift. I knew that was wrong. But I wasn't going to let the two of them attack me verbally like that. I am a hard worker and really enjoyed working for Dollar General. I love the customers. The drama from the two of them was like I was in high school again. I really hope that I still am able to work for this company, I would love to be transferred if possible to another store. There is actually a new store opening in the next town over, I've met the SM. He's a great guy. If you could get back to me regarding this, I want to know what else I can do if anything. Thank you for your time
Alicia Hopkins

Sep 20, 2017

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