Dollar General / horrible service

03/18/17 Entered around 8:30. Guy employee saw me, he knew I was in the store. I was done shopping and headed over to checkout. I saw a female employee heading to the office area and the guy employee going to the back of the store. After waiting a little thinking that the female employee was going to return. I looked at my phone and it said 9:02. I can see the girl employee sitting in a chair, she knew I was there and never said anything to me. It was obvious she was ignoring me. The guy employee finally returned and said "Where closed, where you in here." I replied "Yes." He said "We can't check you out." and walks over to the door opens it and waits for me to leave. After a couple seconds, I realized what had just happened. So I just left. After 2 years of shopping at that store that was such horrible treatment that I will never shop at a dollar general again.

Mar 18, 2017

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