Dollar Generaleverpet wet cat food

It appears the everpet wet cat food from dollar general played a significant role in the death of my beloved cat. He was just 7 years old, in good health. I fed him science diet cat food for all his years, no issues. On the 6th year of his life, i started adding the everpet wet cat food to his diet, in addition to the science diet food. What i know now, my cat developed a rash on his neck, due to a reaction to the fillers used in the everpet food. I thought the rash was from fleas, and treated him for fleas, which i never saw or felt myself. My beloved cat, my companion, my friend of 7 years, died very suddenly, a few short weeks after the rash developed, from cardiomyopathy, which is basically a fatty heart, in addition to sudden liver failure, which was observed just hours before he died.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Louisburg, NCGiven the way it all went down, the speed of the decline, and the timing of all of the factors, i feel very certain that feeding him the everpet wet cat food was a strong factor in the death of my pet. He ate maybe 50 cans of the stuff, over the course of his 6th year of life. He had been a healthy active housecat, until he suddenly became very sick, and died. The hurt i feel, and the shame i have for feeding him a lower-quality cat food such as everpet, how can i feel good ever again? Ii never researched the food before i started feeding it to my cat. I am very sure these other negative reviews of the product would have changed my mind about feeding him this food, and i never would have bought it. And most likely i would be having my loving companion at my side at this moment, instead of heavily crying over my devastating loss. Not worth the chance, folks, trust me on this.

Dec 01, 2016

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