Dollar General / employee threat

My friend and I were travelling through Augusta, Ga. on the way to my grandmother's funeral in Tennessee and we needed to pick up a few items for our road trip and were in a big hurry. I believe it was Tuesday or Thursday around the 10 o'clock hour.. that is an estimate.

We couldn't find what we needed so we asked for help from a lady working there. After ignoring us twice she quite rudely pointed the area out and said "I don't know, maybe look over there, I'm busy." All of that while she was standing there doing absolutely nothing.

I made the sarcastic comment that that was such excellent customer service.. she came over, lowered her voice as if she didn't want anyone to hear her and my friend "Phil" was with me and can/will attest to the whole situation. She lowered her voice and said "[censored], you want to come in here and "flex"?? on me?, whatever that means and continued asking me to come out in the parking lot where she was going to "beat my ass and my friend Phil as well!

Both of us are tiny in size, cannot fight and are devout Christians.. and she just kept whispering it at us and talked about her man outside "gonna handle business" on us. I maybe weigh 100 lbs soaking wet and have never got in a fight or done anything violent in my life. I abhor violence and work for PETA rescuing abused animals with Phil.

We were mortally terrified, especially going through the recent death in my family. How would you feel? I couldn't hardly walk out because my knees were shaking like Jello and with all the store and school shootings these days who knows what this person would do! She looked like one of those thug gangsters in a rap song. We nearly called the police but we were on time critical getting to TN. to see my family member be buried and didn't have time to stay 1-2 hours over a police report that probably would have went nowhere.

She had me so afraid I was praying for God to protect me until we got back to the car and got out of there and went on about our trip to Tennessee. It still sends shivers down my spine thinking we were going to be assaulted or even possibly shot in the parking lot in a place we know nothing of.

I will NEVER shop at any Dollar General again and I have let all my friends know.

I heard the other employee mention her name on the way out. I believe it was Anika or Akina. The lady was big and scared me so bad I nearly ran if my knees weren't shaking so much.

Shame on you for hiring people like this. I don't want to shop your store or speak to anyone from that place or any other again. I'm still afraid maybe she got my tag number and may try to find me.

I had to look on Google maps to find that exact store. This is the information

Variety store featuring discounted name brand and generic food products, home goods, and health & beauty supplies.

Address: 203 Edgefield Rd # 10a, North Augusta, SC 29841
Phone: [protected]
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Aug 21, 2018

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