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I went into my local dollar general to get super glue this morning. I found some Loctite super glue stock at the front priced at $2. I placed it on the counter and the cashier said it was $3.25. I asked if that was right because it is priced $2. She said she can't change the price. I pointed to the display. She checked it and said it was for super glue, which was clearly marked on the product packaging. She became very rude, insisting what I had was not glue but gel. She then said it was stocked wrong, she can't change the price, do I want it or not. I took my money and left. I went back to complain to the manager and found out she is the manager! I asked why she had been so rude and was told she was not being rude. I just don't think a customer should be treated in such a manner. It was not my fault that the item was stocked in the wrong area. I chose an item and figured it was priced correctly. This happened today, 6/16/17 at the store in Noel, MO. The manager's name is Dawn. She really needs to be able to work with the public with some respect.

Jun 16, 2017
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      Jun 17, 2017

    The 'glue' and the 'gel' are kind of different. In my experiences super glues that are gel based take a little longer to dry, not by much but enough to where if you don't want what you're gluing down to slid around then the gel might not have been what you're looking for. And yes, there were probably two different kinds and someone was probably deciding between them and put one back on the wrong hook. And no, she can't change the price of the one that you picked up just because it was in the wrong spot. Yes, it is very easy to overlook because the manager has an entire store to be watching over and little things like that sometimes slip one's vision.
    Though who's to say that you didn't see that there was a cheaper version and you weren't trying to just get the gel cheaper by just saying it was in the wrong spot? If it was the wrong one you should have just asked her to take it off, got the cheaper one, and not given her a hard time for no reason.

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