Dollar General / employee/management

Centerton, Arkansas, United States

Last week my family and I visited our local Dollar General Store as we did many times before. I was accompanied by my sister and our 6 kids. Granted they were not on their best behavior considering they range from ages 2 to 11 but we were there to let them pick out candy from their array of choices at a cheap price. We then proceeded to the toy section cause I wanted to buy a few things for our treasure box at home for when my kids are good for the day. We were followed by the manager to the isle were he stayed the entire time and stood next to us pretending to "sort" through toys as if to keep an eye on us to see if we would steal something. This isle was not big at all considering this is a very small DG and at times he was right in our way and when my sister asked him were something was that we could not locate he completely ignored her. I was shocked at his blatant behavior and assumption of us. I looked at my sister wide eyed as at one point he got right in the way of her daughter to put something on the top shelf! We started walking towards the front to check out and no sooner that we got out of the isle he was right behind us. NO JOKE and proceeded to HIDE behind the other register opposite of where we were checking out to make sure we were buying all that we had picked up. I have been to this store numerous times in the three and a half years that I have lived in this town and this is the first time this as happened to me. Even though its been over a week ago I still cant seem to go back. If I were to bring all my four children in would I be targeted as someone that would steal? I get keeping an eye out for those that seem suspicious but he could have done it in a more professional way. Not once did he ask if he could help us find something or handle himself appropriately.

Jun 18, 2017

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