Dollar Generalemployee

My name is Heather Pinney. I live in Jefferson, Ohio 44047.I live right next door to Dollar General so i am literally in there everyday. I like some of the girls who work there, but i am totally fed up with a lady who started a couple months ago. She always wears a sweatshirt over her name tag but i know her name starts with "TAM." so i'm assuming her name is Tami(Tammy). She is late 40's-early 50's age.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Jefferson, OHshoulder length hair. wears glasses. She is so rude to everyone! Especially if you ask for cigarettes. She rolls her eyes so much, she sighs SO loud as if she is really annoyed with everything you bought. And it's not just one time, it's everyday that she works. Alot of people around here are sick of her attitude. I'm almost afraid to ask her for cigarettes not knowing how she will react. Please do something about her in our local store.

Apr 29, 2017

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