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THE STORE IN TURTLE CREEK, PA SUCKS. I purchased 1 starbuck hazelnut energy drink, but was charged for 2. This occured on 8/21/18 around 9pm. When i went for my refund, they acted like it was my fault and I was inconveniencing them. I was so discusted, I didnt notice they failed to give my receipt back. This store is always a mess and always out of stock on so many items its a crying shame. Im just going to have to waste the gas and go to the store on Greensbug Pike. Its the cleanest DG ive ever been in, and the employees are always so curtious. All the Turtle Creek store employees hate their job. When they first start there, they're alright an gun-ho. But after a while, they no longer care. Thats why you go through so many employees at that store. Who ever is doing the ordering, better go back to ORDERING SCHOOL. Last time I sent a complaint to you guys at corporate, nothing changed. Are you closing the store down or something??? It sure seems like it. PLEASE GET THEIR [censored] TOGETHER. Dont they understand "THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT". This is a motto that is understood at the store in Chalfant.

Aug 21, 2018
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