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Store #07111 on January 29, 2017 I went into the store and noticed an extremely long line (from one end of the store to the other). I proceeded to shop and found several empty packages on the shelves, the floors were filthy there was trash laying on the floor. I asked for a bathroom key so I could use the restroom and that was a mistake as there was water on the floor a mop bucket in one stall with a molded towel laying next to it no paper towels or any way to dry ones hands.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Saint Joseph, MO I shopped for about an hour and the line was still long so I got in line and waited for 20 minutes (no kidding) an employee came up from the back twice but did not help the manager also can up as the cashier called for help twice that I heard and told her he was busy finishing the truck and he still had to count down another drawer before he could help her. Now I have worked retail for about 15 years and it has been my experience as a manager that you hold off on putting out the merchandise until a slower time and take care of customers first. While I waited at least 5 potential customers walked in looked at the line and turned around and walked out. Lost business. I used to shop at this store for many years before moving away needless to say I was very upset to see this store go so far downhill and in such disrepair. This is the only store in this area one would think they would take more time in keeping it up as business is not lacking and could be better with a little effort.

Jan 28, 2017
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  •   Jan 28, 2017

    Have you ever worked retail when a truck had to be unloaded? That truck will not sit in the bay indefinitely. He has other deliveries. No, the truck ALWAYS comes first. The other employee may not have been register trained. Do you do everything at your job? You saw it was busy when you went in, you shopped for an hour, then complained that you had to wait. THAT is the definition of stupidity.

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      Jan 29, 2017

    Store located on main street in Waynesboro, PA 17268. I shopped in this store on Sunday 1/29/17 2 approximate 1:15pm. The person who checked me out was one of rudest employees that I've come across in a dollar general. I ask her to put the doll that I bought my granddaughter in a separate bag so she could carry it and you would have thought I ask her to carry it to the car. She rolled her eyes at and sighed at me. What happen to customer service. Its no wonder people don't want to shop in your store. She needs replaced by someone who wants to work and has a personalty. I will never enter that store I will go to the store on Buchanan trail where they are friendlier. She's a disgrace to your store

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  •   Jan 30, 2017


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