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Dollar General Corporation / discrimination/wrongful termination

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Dollar General
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6/30/09 (Continued from original complaint posted on 6/20/09)
I was called in to another store to meet with Jim Hike this morning. I walked into the office where a DM in training was also present. Jim told me that this meeting was to "separate". He said that "they" decided to terminate me, and the company codes that were used were 43 and 46. #43 states: Mishandeling or failure to protect company assets and #46 states: Violation of company policy/procedure and that comments were required below which were: Violation of Transaction Void Policy and Code of Ethical Conduct Policy. 1st, if you remember I was suspended because I was told that I was being suspended because of to many transaction voids. 2nd, there is NO policy at all on transaction voids. 3rd, it doesn't state how I violated the code of conduct, but I am sure it is because I voiced my opinions and concerns about how DG and Jim Hike handle situations and conduct themselves. I have called the Alternative Dispute Resolution number and filed a dispute of the termination, because I feel that it was wrongfully issued. I have NEVER been wrote up for anything at this company, I loved my job and through my work I showed it. I have received compliments from both the customers and the upper management towards my work ethic. I'm afraid that at this point everyone at DG will sweep this all under the rug and act as if I have said nothing about Jim's misconduct.
I do have a hearing with the EEOC on Monday morning, and I do hope that they decide to file a suit. It's about time that someone stands up for employee rights at this company. Any words of advice or encouragement would help tremendously jlhredhead@yahoo.com or leave a comment to this post.
Jessica Baker


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Dollar General Corporation - Bad service
Dollar General Corporation
United States

Dollar general in Daytona Beach, Fl. twice lately when standing in checkout I have been verbally threatened by customers for letting people in line when a new checkout opens and they say they will take the next person, so I let that person go. The threats were full of vulgar words and promises of bodily harm and the clerks just stand there and ignore it. I contacted the store twice by email and get no reply at all. The customers know the clerks will do nothing and bully the shoppers daily. Shame on you Dollar General! Don't ignore you customers, and provide a safe place to shop!
N  31st of Mar, 2011 by 
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Dollar General Corporation - Useless employee
Dollar General Corporation
United States

New employee jody at dollar gen. in sabetha ks. was lazy and unhelpfull. she would not even help to find what i was looking for or if they had it. way would a store hire a person like that.with the way things are today you think a store would care who they hired.hire a young kid that wants a job instead a lazy useless person.just because they think they look good or think they are somethin does not mean they can not care for a custmore.the store needs to make a change in my way of thinking.
N  18th of Mar, 2017 by 
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@Ferd84 Well from my experience and I worked a one of these stores in Hartford, Mi. The employees do not want to do there jobs because they are liked by the Managers and the Managers don't care because there management goes to there head and they don't think they can be fired. The store in Hartford I had to make the boss realize that the managers were just letting 6 ti 12 customers stand in line and the managers would not open there line up and call the customers there so they know another line was open. The best thing to do is to just go to a different one or just go to Family Dollar, they are owned by the brothers of the family that own the dollar stores.
N  31st of Mar, 2011 by 
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When you hire someone, they may end up differently from how they seemed in the beginning of the interview process. Did you ask to speak to a manager? They can't know there is a problem if someone doesn't alert them.
N  11th of Jun, 2012 by 
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I started working at the Dollar General in Evansville In and the assistant manager treated me like terrible on the second day. I volunteered to go in on a Saturday evening which was a big mistake. We were very busy and it was just the two of us.I had only worked the register for 1 hour prior to coming in. No one took the time to show or explain anything to me. She would leave me alone with tons of customers asking questions that I couldn't answer. I worked 7 hours with no lunch and a 5 minute break. When I got home I was so upset I cried most of the night.I could tell she didn't like me from the get go and was hoping I would quit. Long story short, I called the manager the nest day and she took up for her!! I said I would call the corporate office about this matter and she said I am no longer having this conversation with you and hung up. Now I have lost my unemployment and have no job!!!
N  18th of Mar, 2017 by 
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@Brenda Krbec That is a wrongful firing if I ever heard of one. And they can not fire you if you can prove that what you were fired for was not your fault. on top of that if it was your second day they should of stayed with you or told you if you need help then page me with the bottom (stand for the phone ) when the managers have the phone the phone makes if sound and then it lets them know that you need help. Bring this event to the corporation's attention and find out if you can be hired back and wy you were let go and then let them know that it is on tape please look at it and let me know what day you are going to do that so you can be there to watch it with them. remember the date, day, and the time so you can tell them all of that . And remember the tape is only recording for 30 days that is all the recordings are recorded and saved .
I hope I helped you and good luck .

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