Dollar General / co workers

Danville Indiana, US

Store 14499 in Danville Indiana My assistant manager told me I was not allowed to take notes one night when I was training to learn key holder and goes on to tell me if I was to call him he would help me but he would be [censored]y. ... I have Fibromyalgia a taking notes is my everything in life especially having fibromyalgia I take notes on everything. I had filed first step of reporting them to get more investigations done . No apologies from this specific assistance manager Josh . I feel that I was treated wrong by this coworker my assistant manager I intend to tell everyone about how I was discriminated by Dollar General being treated like that was wrong !!! My number is [protected] my name is Karena Phillippo I want to be herd I want something done on the humiliation I was put through to have to be treated that way mentally devastating to be talked to in such a way .I can't believe it.

Aug 22, 2018

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