Dollar General / assistant manager I am complaining about

CLINTON, AR, United States Review updated:

Went to DG at around 10:40pm tonight. Was only grabbing cleaning supplies. I go to a different aisle to grab detergent...and run into Jenna, the Assistant Manager. She then told me they were closing in 5 minutes. She was very rude about it, like I needed to rush just because there were 5 minutes til 10pm. Mind you I am 8 months pregnant and walk pretty slow. She then yells "Everyone get to the front and checkout!!" For someone to be in customer service...she is so rude, makes me not want to come to this store and buy things. She didnt have any manners or respect towards anyone. I walk to the cashier and there are 2 ladies checking out. Mind you they have about $130 worth of groceries. It took about 10 minutes for them to checkout. I waited patiently, no rush. One of the girls went back to look for something for her newborn. The Assistant Manager comes and says "you can't shop anymore we are closed". This lady needs to be replaced. The lady felt very disrespected and hurt. And also the new hired cashier was also upset, it was only her 3rd day. And while the cashier was checking the customers out, the Assistant Manager asked, "Did you bring in the carts!?" & she answered "no I'm taking care of the customers first". So the Assistant Manager throws the broom down and walks outside grabbing the carts and pushing them very hard in the door to bring them in. I would gladly be hired as a Manager and brighten this place up. Most of the staff don't last and some don't seem very respectful. This is the worse customer service I have ever witnessed.

Ohio st. Clinton, Mo

Sep 17, 2017

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