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My husband called in to Dish TV to inquire about the new special they were running for $19.95 per month. After getting some information from them the representative on the phone asked for our debit card number and his SSN to "hold" the order until we had sufficient time to see if we could get a dig permit to install the dish. Despite the advice I gave him to not give any of that information until we know for sure if we can do it or not, my husband gave them the requested info since he was under the impression that we were not going to be charged. However, we were charged a fee of $49.95. We called to tell them we couldn't get the dig permit because of our housing situation and they would not refund the fee despite the fact the representative told us he would. After much debate for about 30 minutes - with them telling us it's a "processing fee" for, I guess, just talking to them..., Dish said they would pull the tape of the call and listen to it and call us back. They didn't call us back for about three weeks, but I noticed we were refunded the $49.95 today. We're very grateful they give us our money back, but a word of warning - don't trust Dish TV when they say they won't charge you - they will charge you a processing fee just for talking to them.

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      1st of Jun, 2010

    I am on the same boat, the supervisor i spoke with informed me this "process fee" was for the workers to go out to my house and install the equipment. VMC satellite told me that "every" retailer charges this fee. Basically what im being told is that, if you call a retailer to enter data into the system you will be charged a 49.99 fee for that service. This is ridiculous what company do you know handles business like this? Comcast? Direct TV? I think not. Very unethical business if you ask me. I am being told to wait for a 72 hour expedited dispute. I did not receive any service in return, i cancelled my service after this kind of shady business. I hope to find more resources about this kind of business. Hopefully someone who knows more information can file a complaint with the BBB about this.

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