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I switched from cable to dish network in august of 2008. They are combined with embarq's phone and internet service. When I set up service I set up auto pay to come right out of my account every month. A month or so later I come home all services have been disconected. I called to find out why and they said due to non payment. Aparently they had no record of my auto payments. They were running a free tv for a year special. At that time I was told since I had a disconnect (And they added on a 40.00 charge) that I would not be able to get the free tv for a year now. At that time they said they would be happy to set me up on auto payments! In february of 2009 I moved and needed to have my service set up again at my new place. There would be someone from embarq coming to hook up the phone and internet and someone from dish coming to hook up the television. I called on a wednesday and embarq scheduled to come out the next thursday. They then transfered me to dish to schedule. The operator said they had an appointment open for saturday morning. I said that would be fine. We set it up and he hung up. 10 minutes later he called back and said that they cant make it saturday they would have to come monday between 12 and 2. I explained that I would have to arrange time off work but that was acceptable. Monday at 4 pm still nobody here. I called them and they said my appointment was scheduled for a friday not a monday and it wasn't for another 2 weeks! I said you can't be serious I have taken a day off work to wait for this and you rescheduled without telling me, and to make it worse I would be without tv for another 2 weeks! The "gentleman" on the phone said well if you dont keep this appointment 2 weeks from now then we don't have another one for a week after that.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Ocala, FLAt this point I was getting mad and I said let me speak to your supervisor I cannot believe you are treating an existing customer this way. He yelled at me saying you don't need a supervisor and hung up on me. I immediately called back and explained to the next person what had just been said to me and can you believe they didn't even have a record that I had just called! She told me there were no notes on my account and that I needed to keep the appointment. If I did not keep it and cancelled there would be an early cancellation fee of 180.00. I waited the 2 weeks and kept my appointment. On the next bill I was charged for the 3 weeks I was without tv. I called and was told I had to pay it... Prorated bla bla bla... But they would credit me $10 dollars a month for 5 months for my inconvenience. It is now june and I have not seen 1 credit. To make matters worse the bill that should be only $110.00 a month is over 190.00. I keep calling questioning and I get the same thing... Prorated... After you pay this bill it will go down. It never happens. I have had enough! I called another company and scheduled a hook up. I called dish today to cancel. They say I owe $160.00 cancellation fee. The cancellation fee is $10.00 per month for every month of unfulfilled 24 month contract. My calculations say august to june is 10 months. That leaves 14 months @ $10.00 a month. That isn't $160.00! There were many more problems and phone calls I have not mentioned here. I told the lady on the phone I would pay $500.00 at this point to get rid of them! It is a shame that they can give such poor customer service and charge you whatever they feel like charging and when you say enough is enough they are allowed to charge more for you to get them to stop! Beware of dish network and their poor customer service!

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  • Bo
      Aug 29, 2009

    I have to call Dish about once a month for some fee they've slapped on me. For six months, from January to June, I had to call every month to have the $5.00 "access fee" removed. They claimed my phone line was not plugged into the receiver and it always is. Finally, I talked to someone about the problem who said she would "waive" this fee for my account and I would never be charged the fee again. So far two months and I haven't been charged the fee, but a new one appeared... amazingly... coincidentally, in the same month the $5.00 access fee supposedly was waived. This fee is $5.99 for a Protection Plan I never ordered or authorized. I just call and calmly talk to a representative. They are always courteous and professional, but I have to say that I've come to the conclusion that Dish network is running a scam with all these fees and they are hoping that the vast majority of folks never look at their bill and just keep writing the check.

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  • Di
      Mar 17, 2010

    I have the same issue going on right now with the $5.00 fee. I had my phones switched to digital service and had to get the lines re-routed to the receiver for the phone connection. After talking with the reps at Dish Network they said the fee would be removed and waived from now on. Guess what its still there, now they say there policy has changed if you don't have your money drafted from your account for monthly payments they will charge you a $5.oo fee. The same allocation box and eveything as stated on the bill for the no phone line connection. I plan to file an official complaint with the Attorney General in my state. I suggest everyone else do the same, put a stop to the fees. $5.00 from all customers adds to millions a month!!!

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