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Dish Network / dish network receiver equipment scam!!!

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I was a customer of Dish Network for almost 10 years. In August of 2009, I moved discontinuing my services with them. A week later, Dish Network sent me two boxes in which I was to return two receivers. I returned both receivers on 8/25/2009. Today, January 29, 2010, nearly 6 months later, I receive a letter in the mail from Dish Network indicating that my debit card would be charged $200 for an unreturned receiver. Obviously, I was upset and quite confused, so I called Dish Network. I cannot begin to tell you the rude and unprofessionalism portrayed by Dish Network with what was clearly a mistake on their end. I spoke to Mandy (U6T) and Darlene (6PR) with their manager Terry giving information to them intermediately.

When an account is closed with Dish Network, boxes are sent almost immediately for receivers to be returned, and I did just that – returned my receivers. Once again, I returned these receivers in August of 2009. If receivers are not returned within 30 days, the customer is billed for all unreturned receivers. My question to Dish Network was if my account was closed in August, AND if customers are billed 30 days later on unreturned receivers, why am I just now, in January of 2010 getting this bill? In response, Darlene and Mandy agreed that something went wrong within the system. I said “Exactly! Please remove this charge"! They refused to remove the charge unless I supplied them with a tracking number for the unreturned receiver. I said, “What if I can’t find the paperwork anymore? What if there was a fire? Then what do I do”? I was told that I could call the UPS main number and get that information. This information was completely false. When I called UPS, I was told that they could not supply me with that information. Fortunately, I was able to find the receipt with the tracking numbers I received from the UPS store from day I returned the packages. It took me hours of digging through paperwork, but I found it - thank goodness. My entire day was ruined because of this, but I had to find that receipt – it was my only recourse. When I called Dish Network with the tracking number, I was told my account would be credited on my next statement. I said “I haven’t received a statement from you folks in 6 months – my account has been closed. I don’t even live at that same address”!! At that point, I asked for some type of confirmation as proof my credit card would not be billed. Unfortunately, I was not provided any kind of confirmation – basically it was just their word. Scary!! I can only hope that Dish Network does not bill my credit.

In my opinion, this is a scam being run by Dish Network. Times are hard and these companies are looking for any way to make extra money. Many people do not keep receipts from packages sent six months prior. One would think the issue is over and perhaps discard the receipt, and that’s exactly what Dish Network seems to be banking on. My advice is when dealing with Dish Network receiver return system, KEEP YOUR TRACKING NUMBER DOCUMENTATION! This way when they hit you with a $200 bill for a receiver that you returned six months prior, you have some type of recourse. If you lose that receipt – you have nothing! No recourse at all. I hope this saves one person from the horrific experience I’ve been through with Dish Network.

P. Mackey

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  • Pm
      20th of Mar, 2010
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    Well you're not going to believe this. Dish Network just called me again asking for the $213.00 to cover the cost of the receiver - the one I sent back in August. I haven't heard from them since January (see above). Here it is two months later, and they call again asking for the tracking number. If I didn't have that number, I would have been accountable for the $213.00. Now tell me this isn't some kind of scam. Per Charles (ETS) my account is at a zero balance - at least it is for today. I'll keep the tracking number handy at my desk for the next call. At some point, Dish Network will see this scam isn't going to work on me. I have my tracking number - do you? I hope so.

  • Un
      27th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I had something similar happen to me with Dish, except mine was harder to prove b/c they said I returned all but one piece of the equipment. This was back when they were still requesting both the receiver and the lnb (wand-thingies) from the satellite dish. All put into one box and shipped via UPS. They said they got it but was missing the lnb and were going to charge me over 100 dollars for it. I honestly think the only thing that saved me from being charged was the fact that I soon reconnected after that. Had, in fact, only disconnected b/c of financial reasons that were later overcome. Service-wise from the products only, I couldn't have been happier. Had perfect cable even during hurricane season. Service from their employees has been dreadful.

    When I moved, I took the service with me and then was given the option to bundle. Took it, only the rep never told me that bundling would put me in another 2 year agreement. Luckily, I was happy with the service, so it didn't weigh that heavily with me, but the installation was shoddy. The new house had an existing pole mount several feet away from the house and the guy installed it with the wire just laying on top of the grass. He was just so lazy. He didn't have to install a had pre-existing wires in every room, all he did was mount the dish on the pole and plug in the box, but he was still couldn't find the time or energy to use his tools to bury the cable?

    I love the service but the you're right. The people that work there are just incompetant. Luckily, the service had been so good that I didn't have to talk to any of them often, but it's sort of telling when EVERY SINGLE CONTACT is mishandled in some way.

  • Ye
      26th of Jul, 2010
    +2 Votes

    don;t be afraid to go to the Colorado Attorney General to file formal complaints against Dish.

  • Al
      21st of Dec, 2010
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    Hi, this is Alicia Brink with DISH Network customer service. I apologize that you had to endure the extra steps to providing us with updated information on the return of your equipment. Where normally, when someone moves we get an updated address, if the updated address is not added to the account it does become harder to get you the information in a timely manner. I am glad you were able to find the information after so long to help us correct the account.

  • Ti
      31st of Mar, 2017
    0 Votes

    @AliciaB@dishnetwork OMG-What's your job title, "COMPLETE ### BLOGGER"? What you don't get is it's getting out there in the real cash money consumer consciousness that you people are liars, incompetent and involved in perpetuating an ongoing systematic consumer fraud business focus that is entirely subject to tracking and proving criminal infractions on a wholesale basis. Dish will suffer corporate loss blame and conspiracy due to this and...well, your probably going to be one of the defendants. How's that gonna feel when it all hits the fan and a class action suit as well as real criminal charges start to be applied. Bet your corporate legal experts circle the wagons and you find yourself on the outside without as much as a tiddleedo from these people. Have fun then STOOGE!

  • Fe
      27th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Alicia, you are trying to sugar coat the reality of the situation these people are in. It had nothing to do with the change of address. It has to do with outright fraud. I went through this twice with Comcast. I'm on here now because I just found out that the service plan charge of $6 a month by Dish is because if something happens to my equipment, I will only be charged $15 to send out a technician instead of $95. I asked why I would be charged $95 if there were a problem with your equipment. I was told that's just the way it is. If I wasn't happy with it, you would be happy to discontinue my service. I'm sure you would, since you would charge me an early disconnect fee. You people suck. Cable, satellite, it doesn't matter. You all deal fraudulently, and I can't wait until you are found out and sued for everything and you all lose your precious jobs being rude, beligerent, and condescending to the people who have kept you in those jobs this long.

  • Al
      6th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    Hi, this is Alicia Brink. I'm with DISH Network. I understand your frustration. Your specific situation is different from the initial concern I had addressed. They were upset about receiving return boxes, that was due to the address being changed. I understand your frustration. When you have equipment leased through us it is still under warranty and we cover the cost to replace the equipment if needed. If a technician is required to make a home visit there is a charge for that but we will not charge you any additional fees to replace the equipment if needed. Because we understand it may be difficult for customers we do offer a service plan to help with this cost. Our service plan is like no other company out there. We have taken the needs of our customers and created a resolution for them through our service plan. Our service plan is available at any time even if you already have an existing issue. Our goal is to provide customers satisfaction.

  • Zc
      12th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I am having a problem with dishnetwork too. i bought a new house and they moved my service for me. when they did it, they caused a great deal of damage to my house. they sent some one to look at the damage. they offered me a new dvr 722 recveiver in place of a check for the damage to my house, which would have been over $300.00 to fix, i agreed. nowthat i am cancelling my service 4 year later they are telling me they gave the the new receiver, but only as a lease and waived the $ 200 fee to hook it up!!! i am going to try to start a class action lawsuit since they claim they charge $200 fee to upgrade your receiver as a lease. what a rip off!!!

  • Al
      13th of May, 2011
    +1 Votes


    Hi, this is Alicia Brink. I am with DISH network. I want to apologize about the confusion. I understand how frustrating it can be when you are under the assumption of one thing and than later find out something totally different. To purchase a 722 receiver is $549.00, the cost for an upgrade to a leased 722 is normally $200.00. If the equipment is leased it is required to be returned once you cancel services with us. We do have a damages department that will handle things like what happened to your home during the move. If you would like more information regarding the steps you need to take or have any other questions please feel free to email me.

    Alicia Brink
    Executive Offices of Dish Network
    Office Hours: Sunday-Thurs 6:00am-2:00pm
    Fax Number: 303-723-2063

  • Vi
      12th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    Hello, Thank you for your valuable inputs. I just canceled dish network few days ago, and I was told that I would receive boxes for equipment return. I am glad I went through this forum before returning the equipment. I will make sure I will ask for a 'Signature Confirmation' at additional cost, that way I can have proof for returning the equipment. But now I am worried about them saying that 'We received the box, but one of the parts was missing'. How do I protect myself against that? Should record the whole activity of packing the receivers etc ??

  • Mi
      12th of Jul, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Hi, vivekjm! I've reviewed your question and wanted to offer some input. Make sure that all parts, including the receivers, smartcards, and remote controls, are in the box(es) and that they are securely taped. What you also want to be sure to do is obtain a receipt that has the tracking number for that shipment coming back to us from the UPS agent so we're able to track its location should it get lost or delayed.

    Hope that helps!

  • Ma
      1st of Mar, 2012
    0 Votes

    I had a similar situation, but unfortunately no means of recourse.
    One of my receivers had gone bad and I contacted dish for support. They shipped the replacement soon enough, but my roommate returned the old box with their included USPS label... which had no tracking number or receipt.
    Like clockwork, they billed me for the box three months later.

    It was an expensive lesson learned.
    I will be switching to direct TV in the near future, and ponying up for signature confirmation when I return the dish equipment.

  • Ga
      21st of Dec, 2012
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    Hi my name is Maria and i'm having the same problem i sent out my equipment with the boxes that dish network provide us. i don't have a receipt for the shipment that i sent out because Ups doesn't provide us with one and now Dish is charging me with $514.00..

  • Mi
      28th of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes


    We hate to see you go and I would be happy to look into this situation for you! Is your service with us still active? I do apologize for the delay in this response and would look forward to hearing from you if I can assist you with this. Please let me know!

  • Mi
      28th of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes

    Garay, Maria,

    It would be my pleasure to help you with that as I saw your post! Did you cancel your service with us or were you sending us back an old receiver? Please private message me your account number so I can have a look and optimally assist you with this. I appreciate your efforts and look forward to speaking with you!

  • Ca
      20th of Feb, 2013
    0 Votes

    Dish is trying to charge me for the equipment I already sent back in October 2012 from washington, I now live in California and its almost March. Ups says my tracking label that DISH paid for isnt showing any history even though I witnessed UPS pick up my box. This is my first and last experience with DISH EVER. I am getting phone calls and voicemails saying i halfto pay $400 for the equipment I already returned with my OWN BOX bc they failed to ever provide me with one despite they calls i have requested for one before my move out date. [censored] DISH

  • Mi
      28th of Feb, 2013
    0 Votes


    I understand your situation and would be happy to help you! Could you please private message me your account number so I can get this looked into and straightened out? Thank you very much and I'll look forward to your response!

  • Al
      29th of Apr, 2013
    -1 Votes

    I have a similar situation with DISH. I moved from my house back in march of 2010 and had DISH network for over 6 years. DISH sent me two boxes to send back the two receivers I had. I packed and sent the receivers. A couple of months later they sent me a bill for over $450, saying that they had only received one receiver. I told them I sent both and they asked for proof. Unfortunately, I lost all shipping receipts during our move and could not find the receipts. DISH sent my case to their collection agencies and until today, they are still trying to collect. I will never pay $450 for that old receiver, much less knowing that I sent it back, as instructed. Like everybody else in this forum, I truly believe DISH network is committing fraud and trying to milk their customers and ex-customers for whatever they can. After this experience, I have been telling my friends and anybody that listens to stay away from DISH. They have one of the worse customer support representatives in the industry, who only care about making a profit without regards for their customers.

  • Al
      29th of Apr, 2013
    0 Votes

    They rather collect $200 - $450 and piss us up rather than to keep us as long term customers. Pathetic. I really hope DISH networks goes bankrupt/out of business, that way they won't scam other people.

  • Mi
      7th of May, 2013
    +1 Votes


    Your post caught my attention and I would like to assist you! When a customer moves, we do everything we can to establish signal at their new residence. Could you please private message me with your account number so I can take a look at your information and assist you further?

  • Th
      27th of May, 2013
    0 Votes

    Ditch dish, get ROKU. I did and I am so happy. No annoyances from DISH, I don't get monthly bills with questionable charges, calling rude imbecile customer service reps chewing gum just to be told bill is correct. Gawd life is good without this pretend TV providers in my life. Actually life is sooooo good without DISH!

    Oh and BTW when you cancel service be sure to send your cancellation by CMRRR mail as well and keep it for life! These punks may claim you never cancelled. USPS CMRRR never lies!

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