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My damn Wally box drives me nuts.
Numerous times this week, the box just shuts off the TV and starts it's own reprogramming or whatever the hell its doing. Then after 5 minutes of missing the show I'm watching, then comes the updating of the remote. I purposely set the updating at 1 am so it wouldn't interfere with daily programming.? But that doesn't seem to work. And the programs are charged piece meal. All I want is ESPN to hear about something different than basketball, which I could care less about. But the only ESPN feeds I get is hours of talk about Lebron James. God will that season ever end? So I inquired about the 120 plus pack and ordered it thinking maybe get some news about the upcoming NFL season. No just another basketball channel talking about, yeah guessed it, Lebron James. Does he own Dish? I am so sick of calling Dish and now Wally just turned off my show again. My wife is done and about to take this satellite box back

Jun 06, 2018

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