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false information credit report

In 2005, I got divorced and cancelled my dish network account. I asked if I could return my receivers and they said no, I had to mail them in provided boxes. I did so and kept the tracking record. About a month later, they called to say they didn't get them. I told them the tracking number and then they said they did get them.
Several months (7 or 8) passed and a collection agency called me to tell I owed 200.00. They said that they got the receiver but they didn't match the numbers they had on file. THEIR PROLEM>
Now it is on my credit report ( I even paid the @200.00) so that it would get on my credit.
It is so wrong to do this to people.

dis-honest offers

I received an offer from Dishnetwork that has 3 part, 3 free months of services, monthy fee of 14.95 and free installion and activation, I agreed, called back dishnetwork to conifm the promotion and i got the conformation from dishnetwork
i got the bill after 5 days of service for 99 dollar activation fee, and 75 dollar 2 month charge, called customer service to ask about the promotion but they told me to pay now and they will see later, i refused and cancelled the service ont that 5 day, the customer serive person told me they will be no charge for the activation or cancalltion, but i got a bill 120 dollar, called again customer service, they said they see no mention about anything and I have to pay the money!
what type of company are them

  • Sl
    sleepawakemolly73richie Oct 01, 2009

    Totally agree...I have had service with them for almost a year. I called to have HBO added for 3 months free if I signed up for direct bill pay from my checking account. The HBO service was not free, in fact my bill tripled and when I called them they said that was the way the bill reads and i didn't owe the money and to only make a payment of $8.35 which is the total for the month. I paid that amount and continued to receive bills and calls stating I owed the full monthly bill. Also I was having problems with the receiver that I was forced to purchased if I wanted their service; I called the technical help line and spoke to a man who told me it was going to cost $175 per hour to have someone come out and check the equiptment orI could sign up for the warranty program at $5.99 per month which I did. 12 hours prior to the service technician arriving, the receiver began to work again. I called and cancelled the service call; later noticing my bills getting higher and higher I called and explained that I should not be being charged for the HBO this was a free service for 3 months and to remove the warranty from my account. The rude man that I spoke to argued with me for over an hour that I was not being charged for the warranty service even though it is clearly printed on my bills. I made payments on the past due balance (from when i was told I only owed $8.35) 10 days later my service was turned off.

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unfair charges

Complaint from
Dishnetwok unfair charges

I am a current subscriber to dishnetwork.
Account no [protected] – tel no [protected]

I have a dvr receiver for 2 tv sets.
Dishnetwork requires that the receiver be connected to the telephone line. If it is not connected, they charge a monthly fee of $5.00 (titled programming access fee).
The receiver functions without any tel. Connection, it is not needed for the receiver operation.
By the way, due to the tel. Line that is connected, I get on the television screen the caller id, any time the tel. Rings. That shows that the line is hot, connected and operating.

There is two tests to check the tel. Line connection:
Test 1: test if the receiver recognizes a tel. Line connection. Result ok
Test 2: test if the receiver can use the tel. Line to dial out. Result fail
My tel. Service is through the internet (Voip).
Apparently, this is the problem. Their receiver is not compatible with this type of tel. Service. That is the reason they want to charge me a fee.

After many tel. Conversations with customer and technical services, and emails, they would delete the fee for that month and repost it on the next bill, they even sent me a new receiver that gave the same test result and was returned.

I enclose herewith, a series of emails exchanged with dishnetwork from oct 2008 to jan 2009, it shows them ignoring the problem and asking for the fee regardless of my continuous complaint.

I do appreciate your help. It is the only hope I have at this point

George barsoum

Note: please note that the emails on the next page are copied as is, I mean the most recent is on top (The fist page) and the first in the series is at the end (The last page). You read it from the bottom up.

Dishnetwork tel [protected]

Dear mr. Barsoum,
Thank you for your email. We apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused. This is a valid charge, and unfortunately I will need to be sure all troubleshooting is complete before we can move forward. This fee will stand on the bill as of now, I am sorry, I understand that you are frustrated. But the phone line is an opportunity to waive a fee that everyone pays. Until the troubleshooting is verified complete this valid charge will stay on the account.
Your business is greatly appreciated and we thank you for allowing us to be of assistance to you. If you have further questions you can respond to this e-mail or access our online technical support at the following link:
A technical service representative is available via live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days per week regarding your concerns. Please click the following link to use this option.
Thank you,
Phillip r.
Dish network technical e-care
* please include all previous correspondence when replying. *
— original message —
I will pay for a second receiver, when you send me two receivers not a combined receiver that I have over a year without this charge. Nice try
The issue is programing access fee, and till your equipment or problem that is in under your control is fixed, no charges should be added to my bill.

From: tech <[protected]>
To: n barsoum <[protected]>
Sent: tuesday, january 6, 2009 8:51:20 am
Subject: re: [protected]

Dear mr. Barsoum,
Thank you for your email. We apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused. The charge is for the second tv, and when our new billing system is released within the next month or so the name will be changed to reflect this. This is related to the phone line as the phone line is the way that the fee can be waived. Again I would recommend verifying using below troubleshooting to verify the prefix is set to *99. I am sorry for your frustration and inconvenience.
Your business is greatly appreciated and we thank you for allowing us to be of assistance to you. If you have further questions you can respond to this e-mail or access our online technical support at the following link:
A technical service representative is available via live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days per week regarding your concerns. Please click the following link to use this option.
Thank you,
Phillip r.
Dish network technical e-care
* please include all previous correspondence when replying. *
— original message —
Programming access fee is related to phone communication as explained on the bill.
I see that you can not address the problem, so u bs
Please remove this charge permanently.

From: tech <[protected] >
To: n barsoum <[protected] >
Sent: monday, january 5, 2009 12:49:26 pm
Subject: re: [protected]

Dear mr. Barsoum,
Thank you for your email. We apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused. It is important to note this fee is not a penalty for not hooking up a phone line, but instead is a charge for the second tuner. Anyone without a dual tuner is forced to pay this charge, there is an option for people with dual tuners to waive this standard charge, and we apologize if your voip system is having issues communicating with the receiver, but this is a valid charge. I would recommend again verifying the prefix is set to *99 as this is a large assistance in most voip cases.
Your business is greatly appreciated and we thank you for allowing us to be of assistance to you. If you have further questions you can respond to this e-mail or access our online technical support at the following link:
A technical service representative is available via live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days per week regarding your concerns. Please click the following link to use this option.
Thank you,
Phillip r.
Dish network technical e-care
* please include all previous correspondence when replying. *
— original message —
Again, and for the third time, dishnetwork is starting the nasty routine
If the idea here is to loose a customer, you are doing a great job

I am getting charged because your equipment is failing to function
Look at the attached correspondences
Please let me know if it is time to switch service and tell the world about it

— forwarded message —
From: n barsoum <[protected] > >
To: tech <[protected] > >
Sent: friday, november 7, 2008 3:31:30 pm
Subject: re: [protected]

I like to be on record that
Dial out failed, when I checked today
The problem is not yet solved
And you cannot help me
Please do not charge me on future bills
From: tech <[protected] > >
To: n barsoum <[protected] > >
Sent: wednesday, november 5, 2008 8:31:46 pm
Subject: re: [protected]

Dear mr. Barsoum,
Thank you for your email. We apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused. The receiver successfully dialed out on 9/25/2008 at this point if you are still having issues can you please reply with the voip information and verify the prefix per the instructions below is *99. This can make a difference in the data transfer, the caller id means that it is reading some information, if there is a dial out failure, this could be that “noise” from your voip service is interrupting the dial out. Thank you for your continued patience. At this point there is no way to transfer recordings from the 625. If we replace the receiver the recordings will be lost. We do apologize for any inconvenience unfortunately none of our receivers are guaranteed to work at this point with voip but if you could verify the above is completed.
Your business is greatly appreciated and we thank you for allowing us to be of assistance to you. If you have further questions you can respond to this e-mail or access our online technical support at the following link: > > >
A technical service representative is available via live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days per week regarding your concerns. Please click the following link to use this option. > > >
Thank you,
Phillip r.
Dish network technical e-care
* please include all previous correspondence when replying. *
— original message —
Please do not ignore my complaint


Please do not ignore my complaint


These are the exact steps done with your techperson when I called
I repeated them as instructed to the letter
The result is : connection ok
Dial out failed
Note: line is hot at the receiver
Caller id is functionning ok
I am using voip with filter

My conclusion: the receiver calling unit is not performing and I suggest to replace the receiver with one that can deal with voip. The only problem is : how to copy the material recorded on the existing receiver

From: tech <[protected] > > >
To: [protected] > > >
Sent: wednesday, october 29, 2008 9:54:16 pm
Subject: re: billing, [protected]

Dear mr. Barsoum,
Thank you for your email. We apologize for the inconvenience this issue has caused. Please verify and perform the following to ensure the receiver reads the phone line:
Verify the following:
• the phone wire to the receiver is connected and in tight.
• a known working telephone works when connected to the wall jack. To verify the outlet works, pick up the hand set and see if you have a dial tone. If you do not have a dial tone, then contact your phone company.
• if you have dsl or voip verify you have the proper filters installed.
• make sure you do not have a block on 800 or 900 numbers through your phone company.
Perform the following:
1. Bypass any splitters or surge protectors in the phone system, and plug the phone line directly into the wall. Keep any dsl filters connected.
2. Press the menu button on the remote control
• select system setup
• select installation
• select phone system
3. Make sure this screen is set up correctly for your phone system. You most likely should have a mark by no prefix and touch tone.
4. Press the menu button on the remote control
• select system setup
• select diagnostics
5. Select connection on the right hand side of the screen.
• this will run a test on your phone system. It will tell you if the unit is hearing a dial tone. Please reply if the test fails as the receiver may need to be replaced.
6. When done, press the view or view tv button on the remote to get back to tv.
If you recently switched to voip, then that may be the problem. Only a few of our receivers are compatible with voip at this time. To verify the receiver is setup for use with voip, perform the following:
1. Press the menu button on your remote control
• select system setup
• select installation
• select phone system
2. Change the outside line option to prefix code.
3. Add the prefix *99
Also, your voip provider should set the service to the highest bandwidth setting and enable fax/modem enhancement features.
If voip requires a filter on the phone line, make sure that is installed as well.
Your business is greatly appreciated and we thank you for allowing us to be of assistance to you. If you have further questions you can respond to this e-mail or access our online technical support at the following link: > > > > > >
A technical service representative is available via live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days per week regarding your concerns. Please click the following link to use this option. > > > > > >
Thank you,
Phillip r.
Dish network technical e-care
* please include all previous correspondence when replying. *
— original message —
Dear mr. Barsoum,
Thank you for your email. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience and confusion caused by this issue.
Your email has been transferred to our technical support department. If you need urgent assistance, please call [protected].
I have reviewed your account and our records indicate the adjustment for the programming access fee of $5.00 on 10/21/08. You will see the credit on the next statement!
Your business is greatly appreciated and we thank you for allowing us to be of assistance to you. If you have any further questions or concerns, please refer to > > > > > > > > or reply to this email.
Christian r.
Dish network ecare
Pine brook
* please include all previous correspondence when replying. *
— original message —

Please do not ignore my complaint

— original message —
From: n barsoum < < http://www.dishnetwork.com20%3chttp//> [protected] > > > > > >
To: [protected]@customermail. > > > > > > > > > >
Sent: sunday, october 19, 2008 12:24:33 pm
Subject: re: billing, [protected]

First : the promised adjustment to my bill did not take place. My balance shows -$5.00

Second: on friday oct 17, I called again, and your operator tried a lot of tricks including a 3way call to the tel. Company. After over 90 min., there is no positive result.
The diagnostics: connection ok, dialing out fails
Also, the caller id works on the screen, meaning that the line is hot and communicating
The problem should be in the dialing unit in your receiver.
Until this is fixed, stop charging me for a defect in your equipment
I do not need a service with a (Smile) frustration.

— original message —
From: n barsoum <[protected] > > > > >
To: [protected]@customermail. > > > > > > > > > >
Sent: saturday, october 4, 2008 8:41:10 pm
Subject: re: billing, [protected]

You got to be kidding
You sent me a new receiver because you could not find another solution, and it didnt work
I will not go thru this cycle again
The problem is in your detection system or reciever
Please reverse the previous charges and drop the future charges
I dont accept charges for a errors in your system
Please let me know if I need to cancell your service.

— original message —
From: "[protected]@customermail. " <[protected]@customermail. > > > >
To: [protected] > > > > > > > > > >
Sent: saturday, october 4, 2008 8:20:17 pm
Subject: re: billing, [protected]

Dear mr. Barsoum,
Thank you for your email. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience you experienced by calling for technical assistance.
I have adjusted the program access fee of $5.00 on your account as a one time courtesy. Please allow us one billing cycle to reflect the adjustment on the next statement.
Thank you for your email. Although we do apologize for any inconvenience your current situation may have caused, based on the information provided in your email we are unable to accurately determine the source of your situation via email correspondence. Please call our customer service center at 1-800-3... To speak with a technical support representative regarding your issue 24 hours a day. The troubleshooting process is more effective and can diagnose the problem quicker with direct communication over the phone.
Your business is greatly appreciated and we thank you for allowing us to be of assistance to you. If you have any further questions or concerns, please refer to > > > > > > > > > > or reply to this email.
Christian r.
Dish network ecare
Pine brook
* please include all previous correspondence when replying. *
— original message —
From: [protected] > > > > > > > > > > [mailto:[protected] > ] > > > > >
Sent: saturday, october 04, 2008 2:15 pm
To: feedback
Subject: billing, [protected]
Full name: george barsoum
Account number: 8255-[protected]
Question: I have a programming access fee on my bill again it stated in april 08, although nothing have changed in the installation.
Connection test ok, dialing failed.
After many complaints, you sent me a new receiver. Problem never changed.
Receiver was returned and I was told that a code will be added to my account that will take care of this problem. August bill reflects that (No charge)
It looks like you have a problem in your system.
I called twice today, and your operator hung up the line.
Please reverse all previous charges and stop charging further.
I hope this is the end of my frustration,...
Thank you

  • La
    lanigav Feb 20, 2009

    Well they pulled that crap on me all of sudden over charging me fees. Let me explain this clearly, I dont have a cell phone so of course when dish wanted to check to see if the phone was plugged into the receiver, they wouldnt get any infomation because obviouslly the phone cant dial out, since I am using it.

    Do yourself a favor use a cell phone, to call dish, and then let them verify that the phone can dial up.

    Dish net has started charging me bogus fees, and I have to call everytime to have them remove it, I told them I dont want the dish home protection plan and they insist on charging me still, I told them when I first got dish I didnt want it and they been charging for me for over a year, now I caught the charge as of late, and they still charged me.

    The thing is the plan for dish home protection plan was included in the subscrption service in the beginning.

    Dish is basically charging fees, back and forth, and surely is making millions on this bogus fee charges, and unsuspected individuals dont realize it. I had it I am going to get rid of them. Not worth the hassle.

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  • Th
    thetruth1 Dec 14, 2009

    You never did the troubleshooting he asked you to do. The *99 prefix is specifically designed for VoIP customers, and most times this will solve the issue. You continually refused to accept that this was the correct answer by saying that he refused to help you when he was offering you a solution.

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took money out of my wifes checking account without her approval

I opened an account with dish network in December 2007. This account is ONLY IN MY NAME. I lost my job in...

excessive charges

Continued excessive charges on my creditcard. They continue to charge $ 66.03, when the companies'...

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fired for son being shot

my name is tyon purvey i was fired from dishnet for having to take off from work to atend to my son need...

scam artists

I've had several experiences with dish network over the years, dating back to the 1980's when you had to buy your equipment, which I did paying for the equipment + 1 year's programming up front. Back then the dish was $199 + $25 per month for programming, total $500. First month I get a bill from dish for $299 plus programming when the balance owed should have been zero! After calling the number [protected]-dish) many times and picking the billing option on the automated answerer, I would be put on hold indefinetly or hung up on. So I call and pick the (add new service option). Surprise! I instantly get a real person to talk to. After spending much time on the phone, explaining how I blindly payed for the equipment and service in cash, in advance, I'm told to ignore the bill, it would be taken care of & everything was o.k. Next month I get a bill for $299 + 2 mos. programming + a service disconnect notice if it is not payed. Long story short, it took 3 more months and many more phone calls to finally get it straightened out. (their dime, right?) After 8 years as a customer I switched to directv, (sometimes change is good), but switched back after moving into my new house. As a new customer, I was supposed to get a $100 rebate, ($10 a mo. off my bill for 10 mos.) After getting my first bill & realizing the $10 rebate had not been applied, I called & was told I had to submit a form supplied by my installer to get the rebate. Needless to say, the installer never gave me any such form & never told me I had to file anything to get the rebate. You also only have 30 days to submit the form from date of install, Which has already expired! Good one, dish network. They are like all the other utilities, always looking for new ways to rook another buck from the customer. After 2-1/2 more years and half a dozen price increases, I have cancelled service with them for the 2nd and final time, I will get my programming elsewhere.

  • Da
    Davinci Sep 24, 2009

    I bought a new HDTV for Christmas got it hook up by dish network they said on phone 179.00 dollars to hook up with a 100.00 dollar back. Call in and they would send the form this is a scam call 6 to 8 times never got anything in mail was told to do it online but never given correct code . This is what is wrong with America now so much dis- honesty. Well take that 100.00 dollars time millions of people this is a big fraud and just a way to raise our bills again. when is it going to stop it, s happing in housing loans by banks, water companies, electric co. people should not be able to put what ever interest rates they want there should be one and one only.

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  • Wi
    william toumberlin Feb 17, 2010

    i called dish network to get new service. after the installation the service tech noticed that i didnt have the hd package that i should have. we called customer service and they said it would be an extra $10 a month. i said that i didnt want the service then, because they couldnt keep their promise. the tech left all of the equipment at my house and i got an email saying that i had to ship them the receiver at my cost of $15. this is after i had missed half a day of work to find that they had made a mistake that i had to pay for. i will never use dish network or encourage someone else to.

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fraudulent billing

I have had DISH Network installed for over four years now. I have one PVR/Dual-Tuner receiver (522), and one single-tuner receiver (311) installed. These tuners are garbage and freeze, lock up, mangle video, and generally misbehave, but that is not why I am writing today.

In March, I requested that DISH Network discontinue an add-on channel package. I was assured over the phone that the programming change would take place that evening. As this matched my prior experience, I thought little more of it and life went on as before. All my bills are automatically paid through my credit card and bank account, and I am completing a dissertation, so this was not exactly #1 on my priority list. Besides, DISH had been responsive before and took care of programming changes (adding packages) easily in the past, so surely this wouldn't be an issue, right?


In November, I noticed that my satellite bill was over $100. Odd. I looked into it, and I was still being charged for the add-on package - I had been charged continuously since March! I promptly submitted a billing question via their online form, only to find out that my email address was marked 'invalid.' Odd. I looked at the form and took note of where it was going - [protected] - and wrote an email from my account. I then waited 48 hours for a response.

After receiving nothing so much as an acknowledgement of receipt after 2 days of waiting, I went back to DISH Network's web site. In looking at my statement, I noticed that it is now possible to disconnect service/packages from the account over the web - something that is new. I put in an order to disconnect the package, then wrote a follow-up email to my first (again to [protected] to let them know that I'd discontinued the service via their web site. The last thing I wanted to hear was, 'we took care of that in November!'

I decided to try their web site form again, this time using a different email address. This time, the form went through and I awaited a response. A couple more days went by and I still heard nothing. I decided to get satisfaction through my credit card company and filed disputes in the value of the pacakge plus tax on the package.

I then forwarded my original email to the CEO and head of customer service, and filed a BBB complaint. I heard nothing further about my original email. However, I did get feedback from my BBB complaint.

I received a phone call the next day from a woman in Denver - the corporate headquarters. She didn't sound like an axe murderer, so I decided to call back. Her voice mail told me that she'd be out of the office the following day. In my voicemail to her, I left specific instructions outlining terms of negotiation. First and foremost was that I would vastly prefer to be contacted via email rather than on my phone. This would help protect all parties from faulty memories.

The following day I received a phone call from someone (Scott?) who identified himself as a co-worker of the woman from the previous day. He was rude, abrasive, incredulous, and quite unconvincing in the 'I give a damn' role. He interrupted my narrative to tell me that they had no record of a 'discontinue' request in March, and made it pretty clear that he thought I had made the whole thing up in an attempt to bilk DISH Network out of money.

Scott (?) offered a settlement of less than half of the amount I am out (the package price + tax * months of payment). He seemed especially incredulous that I hadn't noticed the bill - as I said earlier, I am completing a terminal academic degree - this requires some degree of focus and concentration on it, rather than the DISH bill. If DISH network incurs a 'carrier fee' that is a per-user surcharge, I would gladly lower my request to cover DISH's losses, but no such offer was made.

Here's where we stand: the BBB notice has been replied to by Scott, and CC'd to the customer service manager. I have been sitting on my hands for a couple of days, but my initial inclination is to refuse the settlement and let the customer service manager know that their agent managed to turn a bad situation worse, and that his demeanor has now got me looking at cable and FTA satellite, rather than continuing on with DISH.

Any recommendations? All I want to do is have a reasonably open platform to record TV (both pay-channels and local) and watch from time to time.

  • On
    onebdvpr Jan 15, 2010

    I understand the reasoning for doing everything by email but here's the thing, dish's e-care dept isn't a big dept and if you want to have something done and right then call in everytime you call in the memo field of your account is auto stamped that you did, talking and making sure that your account is properly notated will always help

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bad service

about a technician that came to my house to make a repair and did not want to come in the house ! my 2 dogs were 5 pounds each in the front lawn, were quiet busy sniffing around.the tech started to argue he did not want to come then came inside the house while the dogs were inside locked by gates in the entrance area were they are kept lock at all timeHhe could go in and out in the back yard without disturbances but persistend in his stubborness not to perform his job!Then he got out of the house in crossing over the gated area where the dogs were and left! I can tell you in my life I never witness such stupidity !Dishnetwork should run a stupidity test on their employees I cannot trust a person repairing my dish with such a lack of common sense!!!

fraudulant claim insects in reciever

WOW! We had a faulty reciever we put up with for months. We finally called Dish Network and were instructed to return the unit. We did so and a few weeks later a charge for a damaged reciever shows up on our account to the tune of $275.00!! When I called to ask what was damaged I was informed that there was a note on our account stating that the reciever was "infested with insects and was destroyed immediatly because it was a biohazard!" I asked the nice man "what kind of insects?"..."Did they take pictures?"...I have no idea was my answer, I can only read the note.. I then spoke to a "coach"...and was given the same line, was infested with insects and I can't tell you anything about what kind or answer any questions...I informed the man that I will fight this and will not pay these false charges, then imagine my surprise when I come online and do a search and find another complaint on this website exactly the same as mine!!! I can't believe any company would stoop so low as to do this, I'm horrified of "bugs" and just the thought of it has me nauseated and made me feel dirty...I'm madder then I've ever been and will not let this one go un-noticed!
T Herb

  • Ba
    bajaskier Nov 13, 2008

    Good for you! Take the ### to small claims court!

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  • He
    HeyNow Sep 10, 2009

    The same thing just happened to us. After 5 years our DVR was acting up. So, decided to order a new one. They instructed us to send the old one back which I did. Then 2 months later I see we are being charged for a "damaged DVR". Thinking that maybe they did not receive the DVR and were charging us, I emailed them. They said that their technician noted that the damage was from animal fur! Funny because we don't even have any pets! I emailed them back and told them this and to send proof of animal fur in the DVR. Haven't heard back and it's been over a week. Just emailed them again. I had a feeling that we were not the only people this has happened to so I did a search and found this site. Did you end up paying them?

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pause policy/erroneous charge

For approx 4 years I have had Dish Network, used primarily with a mobile unit or dish for our motorhome. When...


HELP ME TO GET DISH NETWORK TO STOP CALLING ME!! I am chronically ill & unable to leave my home most days. I have been getting harassing calls from Dish since this summer. The calls are now 2-3 times weekly. Every time I get a call, I call the 1-800 # listed on Dish website. I have spoke to many rude people who do not take any responsiblity for calls representing Dish Network. They ensure me that I am on their DO NOT CALL list & I have added myself to the national DNC. On 10-03-08 I spoke with a Dish Network employee Rubin Perea whom claimed to be in the DNC dept. Operator ID-4YI. His desk # [protected]. I also have the number to a 3rd party call center that sales Dish via spoof numbers. Their return # [protected], I mostly got hang ups when I called and questioned why will Dish not stop calling me??? I live in a condo & could not even install a dish if I wanted. I don't know what else to do besides spreading the word about this horribly ran company. FYI- I have a log of each phone call for over the past month now.

can't get a refund

On 8/17/08 I ordered dish network. I had directv but dish network looked like a better deal. It was scheduled to be installed 8/22/08 between 8 & 12. I had scheduled to disconnect directv that day and it was disconnected. When dish network didn't show up, I called them and they told me that since I had had dish network back in 2001 and had switched to directv, their computer system confused the customer number that I had back then and automatically deleted my installation order. After being on the phone for 45 minutes they told me they couldn't install dish network for 2 weeks. I had company coming that day and could not wait 2 weeks for them to install it. I told them to foget it and I called directv to reconnect me. Dish network told me that since it was their fault, they would refund the 49.95 connect fee. David at dsih network told me that he emailed his supervisor about the horrible way I had been treated. I did not get the refund so I called again on 9/15 and talked to toby. He said that everything was documented but that dish network couldn't refund my money, defender's security would have to refund it since they were the installers (That never showed up). On 9/16 I called defenders security and spoke with christy. She told me that the connection fee was non refundable. Dish network was never connected but christy just laughed at me. If I had used a credit card instead of my debit card, I wouldn't be having this problem. On 9/23 I emailed dish network. They told me that I would have to contact defenders security. I emailed back and told them that I had and could not get anywhere with them. I asked them to turn my complaint over to a supervisor. Since then I have not heard from them. They are ignoring me and it appears there is no way for me to get a refund of this connect fee. It was their computer glitch that caused the problem in the first place. This is not right and it is not fair.

  • Le
    Leslie K - Arizona Jun 21, 2010

    I have the same issue! The installer stole $50 from me by claiming I had to buy a room mount when it was supposed to be given to me. Then they charged me $11 a month for a second box that was supposed to be $6 because it had a "dual tuner" when they KNEW I only had 3 TV's! Then they want $16.50 to return their equipment when the only way TO return it was through the mail cause they wouldn't let their technicians take it away and there are no drop off's!

    When I called to discuss it they put me on hold for 30 MINUTES. I finally hung up and called back and all they say was that the prior people I talked to stated they read me those fees and I agreed to them (when I DID NOT) and they wouldn't even comp me a lousy $16.50! @#%^&

    I will NEVER use their services again, no matter where I live! These guys are a mess and thieves to boot!

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horrific experience with dishtv and at&t bundle

Was lured by AT&T to switch my from Timewarner Cable bundle to DishTV and ATT Internet / Phone Service. Phone service and Internet installation went as planned with some minor glitches, however Dishtv Never showed up for first of 2 appointments causing me to burn 2 vacation days awaiting technician arrival. I rec'd a call a few days later asking about an open order pending and a third appointment was setup to install Dish. The technician arrived 6 hours late for the third appointment - during a rainstorm and at 6:30 in the evening. He explained that the line of site to establish service was inadequate for the service I ordered, but using the new Dish and new Receivers, I would be fine. The technician assured the following Saturday we would receive a visit to complete order. Again a no show however a call late in the day that the technician was running late and would be out first thing Sunday morning. Again a no show on the following Sunday. No calls came from Dish regarding this order since. I called today (being a week after the last no-show) and was advised a manager was at my house on 9/15 and verified that no-line of sight was available completely contradicting the technician who was onsight. No call was ever placed to us, and we have absolutely no evidence that anyone ever even showed up on 9/15.. no note, no followup.. nothing.
Tried to complain to Dish only to be transferred to no less than 4 individuals before being put into a que for installation. I will cancel my AT&T Service and ask to never receive a flyer to bundle services again in the mail as false advertising.

fraud and cheating

Sigh. You know I really do like the features offered by Dish Network. I like being able to flip channels and have a banner that shows me what's on and with the click of the Info button get specifics on the programming. And, I really do love our DVR. I really do. So, now you are wondering why I am here, right?!

We HAD been faithful and happy customers of the DISH Network for over 12 years, until December of 2007, when we got a letter from DISH explaining that if we wanted to continue receiving our local channels that we needed a service tech to come out and upgrade our DISH antenna for free, and according to the letter this needed to be done soon. Okay. So, we call DISH to schedule for this free antenna upgrade, and guess what?! The earliest we could get it done is in March 2008! Outrageous, especially since the letter made it sound like we would lose our local channels after January 2008. So, we waited til our scheduled appointment in March and, guess what?! The installer calls and says they can't do it that day, and it will have to be in May!!! Ok, whatever. May. This is still outrageous, but at least we still have our local channels and all the channels are working well. May finally comes and the service tech gets to our house late in the afternoon. Does the upgrade, but leaves before the switch installation verification is done, as it takes 35 minutes to finish, and says if there's any issues to call him. Ok, whatever (that was my hubby talking there). Guess what?! 35 minutes later there's an error in the switch installation with the middle transponder! So, every other time we want to watch DISH, we have to wait for the switch installation verification--believe me this is getting old fast. We call the installer, and he says its probably an aiming issue and says he will come out and aim it right when he's back in town in a couple of days. Ok, whatever. The evening after he said he'd re-aim the antenna, still the switch installation verification must be done and the same error comes up on the middle transponder (I'm thinking this is the DISH's middle finger--satellite TV's version of road rage, apparently). We've called DISH customer service several times, as the installer can't come out again to "repair" this without a service order from DISH.

In the middle of July we got a service tech out to fix it. Oh, and Dish had the nerve to try to charge us $75 for the service call, even after we expressly told them that it was Dish that initiated the problem and they said they would not charge us for the service call. My husband spoke with them again and got them to drop the service call charge. The verification error issue is fixed, but now the local channels don't work. When we turn to a local channel, sometimes it comes on for a minute, sometimes it doesn't, but it always will go to an error message. It is frustrating to pay $5/month extra for service we don't get. It is especially disturbing because ever since we started, we pay for the year upfront, but when we started getting the local channels, we have to pay that every month, thus we are reminded monthly how we DON'T get that service.

To make matters worse, several Dish subscribers in our community are having the same problem receiving the local channels, and Dish is basically ignoring the problem. All we want is to be able to consistently get our local channels. I don't think we are asking much. But, Dish apparently cannot connect the dots to help all of us out. The worst part is that all of us are really considering dropping Dish for cable--egads!

In July, when we were experiencing our daily Dish torment, I had written this in my journal: "No matter how much I hate local cable, why, oh why is DISH pushing me to cancel their service and subscribe to crappy local cable??? Don't push me too far, DISH, I'll do it... I'll subscribe to crappy local cable, because right now I have NO SERVICE from DISH." Sad, really. We've been mostly content with Dish for about 12 years now. We've persuaded friends and relatives to subscribe to Dish, and touted their services.

I really hate local cable, but I am really beginning to hate the lack of responsive service so we can receive local channels. If they can't give us local, I wish we could have our East feed of the networks back. I just want to watch Saturday Night Live one of these weekends. I heard the Tina Fey-Sarah Palin impression is impressive. Sigh.

  • To
    Tom Donovan Oct 04, 2008

    My experience with Dish Network is similar. We recently got an urgent notice saying our Dish receiver had to be "upgraded." The job took all day and into the evening. If it was working properly it would still require changing inputs on the remote to get from Dish to local cable, something the old receiver did with a "channel scan, " a worthwhile functionality that allowed changing from Dish channels to local cable seamlessly. This feature was dropped on the "upgrade." Now I can't get my local cable except for one channel and when I do get that I can still hear the last Dish channel in the background.

    The incompetence and stupidity of Dish Network is stunning, and I will be changing providers.

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  • Jo
    John Oct 27, 2008

    Get Verizon FiOS if it is available in your area. Combined with phone and internet access, you can get all 3 for $99 a month, which is a steal considering the internet is much, much faster than any cable you'll come across, and you get around 200 TV channels, which again is a steal for the price when compared to any cable provider like Comcast. The picture quality is incredible and the service is flawless in my experience. Why anyone would want regular cable like Comcast when they could have this is beyond me.

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  • Ro
    Ron Kincaid Jul 27, 2009

    Whoa PROBLEMS? Thought it was just me. Over 3yrs. ago Dish Install. From the beginning lousy. Installer, "Any problems call us". Ha! Nothing but problems. I was nice a first. After 6 or 7 calls with no return calls, told them to either come fix it or pick up their equipment.
    Little did I know this was the beginning of a catastrophe. Dish not aimed properly. Necessary info not downloaded. Ha! Why did you leave so fast? Now I sit back to enjoy some TV. Enjoy! ENjoy! ENJOY! More problems crop up.
    Have wide screen TV. TV sits perpendicular to computer. Distance 12ft. Working on computer, my peripheral vision is perfect, notice some thing odd. Turn & look at TV. Channels are changing. Remote control not even close to me. WHAT IS GOING ON?
    MORE PROBLEMS!! Watching TV. Half the screen turns black & stays black. Hmmm! Size of large info box? Yes! Does it go away? No. Several days like this. Enjoy TV? Ha!
    Have to admit, with one problem called "DISH". Very nice female rep. walks me thru problem. Great. High Definition programs better.
    Call "DISH". Male rep. says it will cost $245.00 for box. Put it on Credit card. Came out & installs box. Now I get a monthly charge for HD box. Call Dish & told them I bought the box. "Sorry, we just rent the box. We don't sell them". Well I sure bought & paid for mine. DISH: "We don't sell them". Do you think I am stupid enough to rent any kind of box for $245.00 a month? Get with it. Still received monthly bill for rental of HD box. I'm not paying that monthly fee. Reimburse me. DISH: "Can't do that. We only rent them, not sell them".
    I refuse & don't pay monthly fee. Next the programs don't come in correctly. You name it, it has happened to me. CANCEL ME OUT. Discontinue my service. DISH: "You have contract with us for 2 yrs". Whoa, DID have contract. If one constituting contract doesn't live up to their end of contract, the contract will be nullified, after attempts have been made to correct problem. Reasonable attempts had been made.
    Service is canceled. Still receive monthly bill for service & HD box. AUDACITY!! Go to Wells Fargo Bank and explain problem. Do not pay DISH anything. ARBITRATION. Repudiate charges. Want my $245.00 back. Wells Fargo's action? Sit on it & do nothing. Oh, excuse me. Just what is necessary.
    DISH notifies Wells Fargo Bank they will send boxes to me to send back equipment back. I'm reasonable. Refund my money first & I will send you equipment. DISH informs Wells Fargo Bank boxes have been sent. Did I receive them??? It is a good thing I'm not holding my breath. I still have not received them. Gone to collections when It was not my fault. Still on credit report. Changed banks as Wells Fargo was dragging their feet. Withdrew my money out. Went to find a bank. D.L. EVANS BANK. Rah for them. To put it bluntly, DISH has a lot to be desired. RWK

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not completing wiring job they promised

Jeffrey Adams who puts in satalite tv for dish tv sent a worker by the name of Joe to my house to put in the...

dish network abuses another senior!

Dishnetwork took unautorized charges out of my bank account. They could not get a technician out to my new place to meet with the grounds keeper where he could show the technician where to install the dish, so the customer service representative said it was there fault and was sending a box where I could mail the equipment back to her. Today I get an automated phone call from my bank letting me know that there were strange charges being taken out of my account and it was dish network. Two days in a row they withdrew almost $92. I called and spoke with Kimmie today and she was extremely rude and nasty to me and kept telling me although the customer service representative I spoke with that canceled my account said it was dish networks fault, Kimmie kept saying to me over and over "It's your fault."

I feel descriminated against because I am a senior citizen and people feel they can take advantage of us, I feel violated, and they took the last of my bill money so bills I haven't paid yet this month will go unpaid and I will be behind on them and it will be impossible to catch up. Just another abused senior!

  • Ti
    Tim Elensky Aug 19, 2010

    I also had unauthorized charges taken out of my account from dish network. I no longer have dishnetwork now or ever will again. It has only been one week now but no money has yet been placed back into my account. There supervisors are very rude and don't deserve the position they are in. With the economy this bad I'm sure they would not have any problem's filling there positions with someone that knows how to communicate with the public. I am keeping my eye's open for civil suits against them, i'm sure they are in the making.

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charge after cancellation

I canceled the service back in January 10 2008. Recently I looked a closer look at my credit card bill and realized that the service was not canceled. I had not received a bill since then. (I was told that I switched to paperless billing in Dec 22, 2007)

I called dishnetwork to ask for a refund, but was told that I was told on January 10 2008 to call back for cancellation (which I was not told and did not do) and that the charges are not refundable. I told them that I was never told that, and that I had moved out of the house then, but they would not reverse the bill.

There was no reason for me to call back for the cancellation and was never told to. I believe they should honor the cancellation call and refund the charges.

I would be pleased if they honor the call of my cancellation on Jan 10 2008 and would even consider becoming their customer again. But if not, never would I be their customer since I feel I have been cheated.

dishonest customer service

We’ve only had Dish for 2 months of our 2 year contract. Problems started from Day 1 when the installer slid our TV stand across the wood floor leaving deep scratches. The two room DVR is a joke! If one unit is recording with someone watching it, it forces the other unit to change channels. We switched to two separate DVRs. Seems like the two room DVR is a bait-and-switch to get you signed-up for a 2nd physical DVR.

After installing the 2nd physical DVR, it broke within a week and we contacted Dish for a replacement. They said they would mail us a box for the DVR to be returned. The box never arrived and the installer took the broken unit with him. We called Dish several times to verify that they received the broken unit. Dish confirmed receipt and then billed us as if the unit was not returned. It took several calls to get this straightened out.

Calling Dish about bill corrections always requires a follow-up the next day to make sure what was promised actually shows up on the balance due. More often than not, Dish does follow through with their promise to credit our account. For quality assurance purposes, we have resorted to recording every call made to Dish Network.

When I called Dish to check the status of our account, I was told that since I was not the account holder they could not talk with me. My wife set-up the account and was identified by Dish as the account holder. I had to ask her to call Dish and add me to account holder list. This was just plain dumb on Dish’s part and obviously used as an excuse to not deal with a problem. I let Dish know that I was the bread winner and that keeping me happy was all they needed to keep our family’s business. They sure screwed-up that point in Business 101.

Currently, we have vented our frustration to Dish’s customer service (remember, we’ve only been with them for 2 months) and they have agreed to let us out of our contract. We plan to get Directv and hope the experience is somewhat better.

harassing calls

Dish network has turned into a nightmare for me. It has been over two years that we keep getting calls from Dish network customer rep soliciting new business. Now i live in a condo where we have our own cable picked by the association. We have explained it to them so many times yet they still keep calling. Now i am at the end of my tether because for the past couple of weeks not only are they calling more than once a day but the rep has even left a very impertinent message on my answering machine. I have done some research and i realize that i am not alone in this. Why can we not do something about this company? This is actually outright harassment and frankly a mental torture. How can this stop?

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