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service is not running and they refuse to send out a technician unless i pay $95 for them to come fix cable! according to them my receiver is faulty need to replace it but i have only had service with them for 2 months! they gave a bad receiver and i cant watch tv channels that i pay for. the new receiver tgat they are sending will take a week to arrive in my house! according to them thats the best they can do wait for the new box and maybe then they give me some credit. it would be much easier faster for them to have a technician come out but i need to pay a fee. i am not allowed to cancel service because i sm under contract and eould be breaking it an would be charged $400.00. since i opened the account i have certain problems with the service and are unsatisfied with them especially with bad weather we loose signal cant watch tv. since the beginning they offered certain channels packages then kept changing things channel service until i told them i would notify you consumer protection. most recently one of the internet service account became disconnected due to their mixed up in billing . i had a bundle thenit became unbundled . i psid dish a fee for service they went ahead and reimbursed me and asked me to pay their partner frontier because thry handled billing portion for dish too. it has been a big mess

Nov 18, 2017

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