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I have learned my lesson the hard way with Dish Network. NEVER AGAIN, and I will be sure to refer anyone who comes into one of my Home Theater installation stores that by all means they should avoid Dish Network. Coming from DirecTV I had high expectations of Dish and they have let me down from day 1. The installation guy was a younger man who just seemed to have a slight chip on his shoulder. It was obvious that this was not his job of choice, but I blew that off because I know Dish sub-contracts installs like anyone else and it was not their fault. But after the install was complete I found that I had to run cables to two other locations, because the Dish company did not have exterior access to these rooms. Fine, kind of a bummer, but I would deal with it. Then it turns out the guy did not set-up the remotes or anything either so I had to call tech support and go through the set-up process for the dual mode. Within a week the first DVR takes a dump. Have to exchange and deal without service in mean time. Go through set-up again and within next couple months the second DVR fails. Once again without for a couple days of swapping that out, but Dish did take care of right away. The picture from DISH is poor compared to DirecTV, the HD channels appear to look no better then my old DirecTV standard channels did.

Well now on to the recent issue, Dish Network and FOX dispute has cost me my FX channel. That's kinda the straw that breaks the camel's back. I notice my FX not working and when I call customer support they give me the story of how FOX wants to raise the price and Dish does not agree and will not get bullied around by FOX and charge their customers more. Ok, fine, but my question back was is DirecTV having to raise their price? Because obviously they came to an agreement. At that point the CSR proceeded to repeat his little speech he must be reading. So I want to cancel my service and move on with life. Slight problem, $315 cancellation fee. So I ask calmly to speak with a manager to discuss this. The person is rude and flat out un-professional. I ask if there is someone else I could speak with, perhaps in a better mood and she tells me I can hang up and try my call again. WTF? Ok, now I'm done. I hung up and called DirecTV. They are coming Monday and I will have my FX back by Sons Of Anarchy. Dish Network can kiss my @ss, I will pay the $315 cancellation fee, and also cancel my business account, and get the support of many of my loyal customers to join this fight against Dish. They claim they will not let FOX "bully them around" but they can bully around their customers? In the Residential Customer Agreement contract section "I" of the first section it says they have the right to change programming, and rates and so on for their service at any time within your contract. Line 5 of that same section says "If a change affects you, we will notify you of such change and its effective date." No one was properly notified by Dish Network. They are in a complete Breach of Contract here.

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  • Th
      Oct 02, 2010

    After all that prattle in the first way to long paragragh it really comes down to FOX. Only low brow and trailer park people watch that. You seem like you have a brain so trust me you dont need FOX stinking network.

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  • En
      Oct 05, 2010

    Completely agree -- ran across your complaint as I am searching for options as I am tired of DISH -- they had a lengthy "dispute" with one of our local affiliates and we went without ABC for months. Now I have one show on FX that I am torqued about missing, so I plan to cancel and move over to Direct (again...sigh). DISH is horrible about customer service -- no notice on the freaking website even that they are having this "dispute" -- we have to search the internet to find out why the channel isn't available. Fwits.

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  • Si
      Oct 22, 2010

    We, as a group can and will over-come dish network. If we, the consumer did what they did we would get our credit hit...well I don't care. I sent email and called telling them 1 week and if FX is not back I will go to Direct cancel fee my ###. We can overcome this but only as a group.

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  • Al
      Dec 22, 2010

    Hi, this is Alicia Brink. I'm with DISH Network. I apologize that you had a bad experience. When given the opportunity we make every effort to correct any issue or address any concerns with your installation. Since we are dedicated to providing the lowest cost to our customers, there may be times we lose a channel when we are in a contract dispute with a network provider. We understand that this may affect current shows you are watching so we work hard to fight for a fair deal on behalf of our customers and get the channel restored as quickly as possible.

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