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Well i am a new customer of dish :( we have had the sorrow of having dish for a whole 6 weeks now and it has been a nightmare. It all started the very first night we had it installed.

Our dvr box decided to have problems so we called them and they shipped us a new box. So after that every thing went smooth for a week and then the 2nd box we have decided it isnt gonna work so we have to call again. So they send tech out and something was hooked up wrong then about 5 days later our remote decides it isnt gonna work so im calling them again so finally after 50 calles we get it all lined out in the mean time i have spoke to every cs person there is and they were all very rude. Well this past friday the fun began again. Our tv had a black screen we have 3 tv's and all but one wasnt working. So i call and i get some girl that you can tell hates her job so she isnt the most polite person she basically tells me what i'm telling her is impossible. So i work for an attorney so i go back to work and i talk to her about that and she tells me to get a copy of my contract so i call them and what do i hear, well we dont have your contract the installer still has it. Im like yeah what ever so i ask to talk to who ever that would have more information they put me through to someone else and i am told that it will take 2 or 3 weeks to recieve my contract through fax because it has to be processed and they have to find out if they can fax a copy to me. Well i inform them that i do work for an attorney and she has told me that if i want a copy they have to send it to me because it is my contract after all. Well they give me the runaround about not having it . So i informed them that i can alway send a motion down to the courts and get it signed by a judge making a order that they have to supply me with the contract or show up in court and show cause why they are in contempt. Well after 10 more min lisening to his nonsence i get off the phone not knowing no more then i did when i started. So all i can say is that dish network has the nastiest customer service i have ever seen and if you dont want to have to put up with all this bull crap sign up for directv. I left them not because of problems but because dish was cheeper but i have them coming back out on the 11 to install again and i would rather pay a little more and recieve better service all the way around.

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  • Ja
      Nov 17, 2013

    I called dish after receiving a bill I was not aware of so I called them and they told me that it was for an engineers call made last month.
    I told them that the whole street had lost some signal as we had and that the engineer said there would not be a charge. He replaced a very old cable outside leading to the dish that they had installed years ago as my wife has been a customer for a long time and left his number as he wanted me to call him personally if we had other problems as he said they fired engineers who received complaints.
    The signal was not as good as before when he left but rather than wait in again for engineers we just accepted it.
    When I spoke to the customer service rep he was very apologetic and said if we had a $7 insurance we would not have been charged. I told him I did not wat insurance and he eventually said they would wave the fee. After a few moments however he said he could only wave $50 of the $95 dollar fee unless I signed up for the insurance. When I first called I was agitated but now I was angry and told him I did not like to be blackmailed to which he said I could cancel the insurance after 4 months which I did not believe as I have had problems cancelling extra stuff before and did not want that nightmare again.
    I asked for an address to write to but he would only put me through to an accounts specialist who basically told me the same thing again so I asked him for an address but he would only give me an email address.
    I told hin that blackmail was not the way to keep customers but he did not comment further. He told me he would wave the $50 dollars which I will only believe when I see it and I wrote an email complaining about the terrible and deceitful service Dish provides.

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  • Pa
      Mar 14, 2015

    Dish Network Sux! It is not user friendly at all!
    I had Direct Tv in Columbia, SC, but had to get dish in the mountains because Direct could not get a signal.
    I hate direct TV. With dish, I could record three shows at once and still watch live tv.
    I have a dual receiver with Dish and it's so ###ing complicated, that you have to have an engineering degree to figure the damn thing out. Once I get off this cold ### mountain (this summer thank GOD)...then I moving and going back to Direct TV!
    I don't care how much more Direct TV's worth it!

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  • Py
      Sep 27, 2019

    I rarely watch T.v. Waste of money for me actually. I had saved a bunch of movies to watch cuz the programs on t.v. today are so awful and the cross channel advertising truly pisses me off to the max. So anyway, tonight I turn on the t.v. to watch a movie and ALL of them are gone and it says my DVR is 100% full. Some program called Prime time live has been scheduled to record and I never even heard of that program so I would not have recorded it.
    Needless to say now I've been on hold for OVER 20 minutes to try to reach someone to get my DVR cleaned out of all the junk that somehow got recorded and to see if my movies are saved anywhere.
    I really cannot stand Dish TV and the only time I EVER swear is when I turn the damn t.v. on.
    I can't wait to cancel with them.
    They also must have done some weird forced Google thing cause it's a mess now and I remember getting some notice saying Google was going to be force pushed on to Dish users. Also can't stand Google so now I am just triple pissed off at the whole thing.

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  •   Oct 06, 2019

    dish sucks and I fail to understand why anyone would want it versus cable or something else.

    first off, they look gaudy and low class if you live in an apartment building. they are the epitome of low income housing. in fact my building complex wont allow satellite dishes because of the low class look/gaudiness of them.

    then you have less than stellar weather... holy crap. the wind blows a little bit -- zip!

    and heaven forbid you get a bird perching on it!!!

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