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Dish Network / misinformation in pamphlet!

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Pamphlet provided by Dish states "two-room DVR No extra fees. First bill has charge for DVR fee." Dish agent on-line apologized for misinformation and ended chat session. I am still billed for DVR fees.

Beware people!

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  • Em
      24th of May, 2007
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    I cancelled my service with Dish Network and gave them a month's notice. I told them that I would be moving out on March 1st. Dish network agreed to send a box to return the dish prior to the March 1st move. The box never came, then in April they deducted an unauthorized $300 from my account. When I call support they said that they had sent the box out on the 5th, but would send our another box. I waited three more weeks; when the second box did not come, I called once more. This time the support person stated that she would send out a return label via e-mail within the next 24 hours. Needless to say, it has been over 24 hours and nothing has arrived. Where do I go to file a complaint. I live in Delaware and would appreciate any suggestions.

  • Te
      3rd of Jul, 2007
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    In there pamphlet in small letters it says they do charge a certain dollar a month fee for the use of the dvr. I have been with them over 1o years u have to read the fine print. The box itself is free but the service is not there just telling u no extra fees installing the box. It is a pretty gray area on some of there writing info. Always check there website for the best information. If u cancel there service of the dvr they will shut that part of it down so u cant use it and sometimes there customer service is a big headache to. just call there phone # and tell them that i never got anywhere with there chat line thing. Good luck!

  • Ba
      27th of Aug, 2007
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    Dish network customer service sucks ! They don't value customers who are going out...

    I was moving out of my apartment and dish network cannot setup in my new apartment. So, I need to do the following to help us from early termination fee.

    1. I need to call four retailers to get a "customized special installation". At least two should say it is not possible after checking my apartment and then hopefully my early termination fee will be deducted. and yeah... dish will take care of up to 80 bucks for the charges.

    2. I need to get my old dish removed by myself ! I need to have the "eye" with me in case if I get canceled else, I will get an early fine for that (may be 900 as mentioned here)

    BTW, I can ignore wires as it is of no use for them and me.

    I have decided to try this and lets c how it goes... will update here how it went... But anyway, I decided not to use dishnetwork from here afte completing my 18 months contract !

    Dish sucks and people should know what they are getting into before they start dish.

    Go down dish!

  • An
      30th of Aug, 2007
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    i ordered service with dish 3 weeks ago, and ordered online, it was not made clear to me that there was a third party involved, called all SAT i believe? and no one told me there was a 18 month agreement, there was also a special going on 19.99 a month. and that's what caught my eye, cheaper than cable! so then i was also told the 49.99 deposit covers the first month rent,it would be a couple of months before i received a bill right? so my card was charged immediately then 1 week later i get a bill for 60.00. i am a single mother of two, am on a fixed income and can only afford so much, so also the tv in my living room never worked properly, and also the channels the Internet said was included, were not i found out, i had to pay extra for certain ones, even after them telling me that channel was included,
    after them sending me a bill due within 1 week i called them and told them i cant afford but the extra 49.99 deposit that was already sent, and i cant send another 60 in 1 week they said that covers the next two months bill, i told them that is what was said about the 49.99 deposit, now, i canceled my service even after being charged $50 and they told me i will be charged $500 since i had an agreement, what?! unfortunately my bank account is now charged has insufficient funds negative 200+ dollars and i am as of this weekend going to find shelter for me and my kids to go to because i will eventually get put out, i cant catch up my rent , don't make to much more money for that, and they will continue to deduct from my account even after only having service for no more than 3 weeks. this unfortunately happened the week of rent being due. please all single mothers, and/or family living pay check to pay check do not use this service. i was tricked lied to and now in debt and about to be homeless.

  • Ga
      31st of Aug, 2007
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    I have had the same experience. Signed up on-line and have screen shots showing what I would pay monthly. My bill is now $35 more per month!!! No one at Dish Network can give me a valid reason for the difference. Some one needs to take this company down.

  • Km
      26th of Jan, 2008
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    I work for AT&T residential, we sell Dish Network combined in our bill, here in California,
    Daily i get customer asking about the 19.99,, it just a scam.

    1)Get it right, this is not offered by DishNetwork, BUT by resellers (plural) , please pay attention to the names on the flyers or article/adds, example "Dish TV" , "Dish Family TV" ect ect- NEVER DishNetwork or Direct Tv directly, Vendors aka Resllers, these are flyers or Pennysaver or newspaper

    2) Since they resell, the work on commission or items sold, hence they are misrepresent items, hide taxes additional fee,, Why? - Simply, there are flight by night vendor here today, gone (with your $) tomorrow

    3)Basic TV for Dishnetwork is Dish FAmly ( 40 channel 19.99 & local 5.00= 24.99, & 1 dual tuner (1 box, 2 remotes) included.
    As far as i know DishNetwork is the ONLY one to carry DUAL Tuners, saving to spend addtional for the 2 room

    4) additional equipt 1 single tuner for a 3rd bedroom or dual tuner for a 3rd & 4th is 5.00 extra,, Pay attention, if it is not connected to a working telephone jack you may pay addtional 5.00 ( 5 +5=10.00 for 3rd/4th bedroom,) so plugged it in a jack

    5)In spanish " lo barrato sale caro" , translation " the cheaper the item, the costlier in the long run",, If your tight/scrooger/miser you will fall into these scam,, but suggestion pay the right price because after all for your entertainment and fun, it work it, you'll pay more going to the movies twice per month, after the concession stand, turn you upside and shake out all the money , you be filing chapter 11,, hahaha

  • Li
      28th of Jan, 2009
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    I was sent a flyer today saying $19.99 and showing Americas top 100. I filed a complaint on them today with It's GREAT! Use this website for ALL complaints. I called about the americas top 100 and the great price plus free 4 room installation, 5 premium channels for a penny etc but boy was I wrong! They are two different packages and not clarified as two seperate deals. The $19.99 is for 40 channels not including local I was furious for wasting my time with them. The Americas top 100 was over $50.00 with taxes and surcharges =/ What is funny is they tried sticking me with a $200.00 charge due to my credit! Okay, I don't see how me paying 12 months in advance would matter? I wanted to do this so i can pay in full every year around income tax time.. I'm going with directv I think. they said if I call custoimer service and explain they should remove the $200.00 fee :)

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