Dish Networkbilling and programming

This morning I chated with a, customer service representative called michael to upgrade my package. I stated that I want three specific channels and requested that he help me choose the cheapest option, which he did. However, after hanging up I discovered I don't have id, which is one of the channels I want.
I chated with another representative e, plaining the situation, she accessed the chat and admitted that michael made a mistake. She said I need to add another packet to get that channel, I requested some kind of compensation for the inconvenience, she said they have an offer of half price for 6 months at half price for one of the packets, I requested that she add a extra special thing not in the offer they already have, for example make it free for 6 months. She said to get that I have to call. I called and talked to a supervisor, who totally refused to do that. He said I either have the package free for 3 months or half price for 6. Tired of arguing I just said yes. As I will take the package free for 3 months, I expected to pay the same amount that was stated to me in the morning by michael. He stated I will pay 133 and change, but over the phone ivan c34 insisted it is 135 and change. I asked him to access the chat to check, he said he cannot and insisted on charging be extra.
I do not understand what type of business would offer two different amounts for the same service within a few hours.
I know the change is not much, but it is the principle. This means I cannot trust your company. As soon as my offer ends, I will discontinue the service and get another company that can really compensate customers for mistakes made on their end, and stick to one price. Two dollars extra here and there means you over charge customers thousands.
You are a company not worthy of my trust.

May 06, 2017

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