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Discover Card / apr changed for no reason

1 Ashland, NH, United States

I was promised a 7% rate on a balance transfer from Discover. I needed a new roof, mine was leaking, so I took the offer and had several thousand transfered from Discover to my bank account. The 7% APR was suppossed to last a few years, just enough time for me to pay off the debt completely. Problem is that 4 months later they upped it to 24.99% interest instead!! I called and complained as I couldn't afford the new rate. They told me I had payed late on a payment. I looked into my records and found that I had actually payed the payment in question a full two weeks early!! I called back and complained again. They basically told me to get lost!! I tried to pay as best as I could but my husband lost his business and we were left penniless so I stopped paying and started gathering info to do a bankruptcy. However, Discover came in, one week before the bankruptcy was to be filed, with a lawsuit against me to make me pay something I cannot afford and didn't agree upon. This company is slimmy, evil and just downright dishonest. Never ever deal with them if you can avoid them. Their dishonesty and heartless cruelness is appauling.

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