DirecTV / unethical behaviour

On November 16, I received a call from a at&t rep that offered my direct tv service and Internet bundle. I was very happy with the bundle he was offering.
So we set up service for direct tv to be installed on November 18. We did get that installed, but was told that it would be a few days before I was contacted to set up the internet. I made sure during our conversation that he understood that I wanted internet and if it was possible. He said many times that yes I would be able to get internet. I would not get the direct tv without the internet. So days go by and no phone call, so I call at&t, they say not available where I live, to call direct tv. So I call direct tv, they say not their problem, they say if at&t said not available then its not. I call again, this time they say that they contract out on internet, but since account is in my husbands name, they could not discuss any further.
So I call again when my husband is available and he authorizes me to talk on the account. I speak to a supervisor who denies any wrong doing and blames at&t. I asked if I could put her on hold and do a three way call because one blames the other and vise versa. She says no, its not my issue, its yours to deal with, and then hung up on me. Great customer service direct tv, get customers by entrapment, offering services that you can not honor and follow thru with. I would never agreed to get direct tv if the internet was not the part of the package deal I was offered. And on top of it all the amount I will be charged for direct tv is more then what I was even told!!

Nov 22, 2017

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