DirecTVretention department scam when trying to cancel

2-2-2017 acct. # [protected]

I just spent over an hour on the phone with the retention department to cancel my directv service. I've been a customer for 5 years.
He offered me a $30/month discount and then threw in another $20 dollars for an "unheard of" $50/month discount according to him. He acted like I was an idiot for not seeing the "value" in the offer. So he stated that my final cost would be $38.99/month for 12 months for their "Family" package which is 54 channels. He repeated over and again when I questioned him that my total monthly charge would be $38.99. I detected that he was leaving something out. I kept clarifying what that meant and finally discovered that the $38.99/month was the programming cost. I would still have to pay the receiver/equipment fees. So here's the breakdown: my current package is select( 145 channels) and I pay $51.99, my equipment fees are $44 and my taxes are $7.21 for a total of $103.20/month. What I finally got him to admit was that with my $50/month discount and a downgrade to a 54 channel package, I would be paying $38.99 for programming + $44 for equipment fees + taxes. So that translates to a whopping $13/month discount for downgrading to a 54 channel package. What happened to the amazing $50/month discount?The other kicker is the 12 month agreement only included the programming and I would be signing a new 24 month agreement on the equipment. What a farce. He was obviously mad that I found him out and after I firmly stated that I wanted to cancel, he said ok and the phone went dead. My account better be cancelled. I've already removed my credit card from my account so they can't charge me. What a miserable experience. I will never have directv again and I will be posting this complaint everywhere I can.

Feb 02, 2017

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