DirecTV / promised billing refund runaround

United States
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7/17/17 notified we were eligible for a receiver upgrade with free nfl ticket.
8/6/17 new receiver installed
8/28/17 $20.99 protection plan showed up on bill - requested it be removed and it was.
9/17/17 nfl ticket charge on our bill of the first month, $46.99.48 minute phone call (irvin) with multiple long holds waiting for them to agree to remove the charge as we were promised on 7/17/17 the ticket would be free. no resolution at the end of the call. never have I been more angered or frustrated with a customer service call. it was as though he kept putting us on hold thinking we would just give up and end the call.
9/21/17 another call (ireen #[protected]), multiple long holds, 40 minutes long in total & we were told the amount would be refunded
9/28/17 bill shows no refund. open a chat (sandy) to find out where our refund is. she said it would be refunded on our next bill. (photo of screen shot attached)
10/20/17 bill still shows no refund. called (beth) who said it would be put into the system 'immediately' and I should be able to see it online the next day. that was lie because it is now 7 days later and nothing.

I can't find an address to send a complaint letter and calling is utterly useless.


Oct 27, 2017

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