DirecTV / misleading services

How do they get away with it? I signed up for DirecTV in September 2016. My bill always said, "discount of $46 for 24 months." But after 12 months the "discount of $46 for 24 months" was gone and no longer on my bill.

I called and got passed to 3 people. Each time I had to re-explain. The last person told me about a loyalty program offered. She said "there is no 24 month deal." I said, "why does my bill say so for the past 12 months." She could never answer and said I will be contacted by someone within 5 business days to give me discount under their Loyalty Program. I never head back. It's been 8 weeks.

I am wondering if there is actually is a loyalty program?

Nov 14, 2017

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