DirecTVdirectv 4k service or lack thereof

I was talked into upgrading all my receivers and therefore a new 2 year contract by getting 4k compatibility after my wife and I purchased a 4k tv in December. When the Tech came to install the system, he informed me that the "new" HR54 received does not get 4k content. It only sends the 4k content to the satellite receivers. I wasn't happy but we moved the main unit upstairs so I could get 4k downstairs. Fast forward to April 28th and we had some internet issues so I called the customer service representatives to ask if they had some type of firmware upgrade to actually get 4k content on the main receiver. Apparently, this is not going to happen and the representative was confused because she thought that I should get 4k content on that receiver.See Top 10 Worst Companies in El Segundo, CAAfter explaining it several times, she checked in with someone else to find out this was true. 1.) This should have been explained to me initially when it was sold. 2.) It may be apparent that Direct TV employees are not informed about this content issue and 3.) Really? Why would you even offer the content if you hadn't solved this issue.
I then asked the support on the phone if they would provide another satellite 4k receiver that I could use to get 4k content to the main tv and she told me that was an upgrade. You, DirectTV, are the ones that made that mistake--so fix it. By the way, my support call was also for the fact that Direct TV cinema was not working. DirectTV will e-mail me when it's working again and they don't know when that is.

Apr 29, 2017

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