DirecTV / delayed re-install after lightning strike

Longmont, CO, United States

On June 23rd our house, specifically the direct tv dish on the side of our house, was struck by lightening. We contacted direct TV, along with other companies to get, wifi, electricity, and tv service repaired. Direct TV gave us a service date of July 1st. First, I think 8 days is a ridiculously long time to get service restored, second, the tech that did come out was completely unprepared for the scope of the work, he left without completing any work. Over the next 3 days we received numerous texts that he was still coming, so we always made sure someone was home in case the tech returned. He finally returned July 4th at 5:30pm just as we were heading out to celebrate the 4th with family. The technician entered our house with another unidentified individual, I commented "you have to be kidding, now you show up?" He replied " Dude, do you want this thing done or not?" At that point, told the tech to get off my property. July 5th I spent 4 hours on the phone with various direct tv representatives who with various degrees of incompetence passed me along from one person to another. Finally, telling me they were contacting the local dispatch individual, who would call me within, 30 minutes, no 45 minutes, no within the next 24-48 hours. I received no call, only a e-mail with a service date of July 9th, this despite originally being told they had gotten me a service date of July 6th. In further phone calls I talked to more reps who told me they in fact don't have a way to contact local dispatchers, but would accelerate this issue, and call me back personally, which as of this time they have not.

Jul 05, 2016

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