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when I moved to my address, thr was no other cable network apart from directtv. I used to have spectrum but the service was not available then. so I called for cable, internet and telephone. I told the sales rep I could only afford $110 per month, he said he was gonna get me the exact deal I wanted so I signed up. I got 2 separate bills for the first 3 months which I called to complain about the 2 bills way higher than what I discussed with the sales team and the customer service Rep said it will that another 2 billing circle for them to be on the same bill. I called after 3 months cos I couldn't afford the bills. it wasn't wat I projected. then after several attempts of telephone calls and they kept saying different things every time I called . so I got frustrated and cancel the service cos I couldn't keep up to high monthly payment. then I returned the equipment as instructed.. the most frustrating and sad thing is I was told to pay for cancellation.

Please kindly listen to the phone call I had with the sales guy and the calls that followed about the bills and service. I don't think I should be paying for cancellation after the sales guy lied and the customer rep deceived me that I was gonna have both in one bill.
this is so sad for a single mother trying to help her family and making sure the kids don't lack with the little she got.

Jul 24, 2018

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