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Direct TV / scam and fraud

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When buying a new upgrade receiver from one of directv dealers don't do it. They are a joke, they charge you $199.00 for a receiver that you will never own, plus a lease fee of five dollar. The stores never tell you this when you call directv to activate they add programing that you don't want customer service is a total joke. I told directv that i bought a new receiver the guy made a joke about it he said they never sell there receivers so i returned the receiver back to best buy. I went to seven stores in Ohio they don't have any signs posted saying its a leased receiver, i turned this over to the ohio state attorney general, they said that there so many complaints from a public against directv on this matter, there HR21 isn't worth the money???

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  • Ma
      29th of Jul, 2008
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    All, smart move to return your new set-top box. I am one year past where you are and you are correct; DireTV uses BAIT-and-Switch pricing practices.

    I had received the NFL package (only) for aver a decade on the non-HD hardware. Last year I upgraded to the deal tuner+DVR set-top box. I too was told the $199 was a purchase for the new set-top box. Further, the DirecTV sales associate assured me that no new charges would be linked to the upgrade.

    Once the new HD set-top box was activated they started sending bills that added several *undisclosed* charges. These charges included the $4.99/month for the "Primary Lease Receiver", $5.99/month for "DirecTV DVR Service", $9.99/month for "HD Access" and an annaul fee of $99 called "Super Fan" which they said was required to receive NFL games in HD. The folks at DirecTV are crooks. THey sell one thing then abuse their customer base.

    After much conversation with DirecTV and turning off the service because of all the undisclosed charges they had their Customer Retention department call and they waived the fees that were undisclosed for the first year. They waived the 4.99/mo 5.99/mo, 9.99/mo and the Super Fan uplift. Now that it is time to sign up for the upcoming NFL season again they are trying to add the undisclosed charges back **but this time with a twist**. Not only do they want me to pay for the undisclosed charges listed above they are insisting that I add a "Base Programming Package" as well. Not a chance. I have been a Comcast broadband customer for over a decade at this same residence and have used the DirecTV service for the NFL Package *only*.

    You are a smart person. I wish I was as smart as you and would have run away from these DirecTV Crooks. If you are considering service with DirecTV I strongly suggest you get all pricing and fees documented from they *in writing*. Good luck with that as they do not want to disclose how they will attemtp to gouge you.

  • Ma
      29th of Jul, 2008
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    Here is yet another educational tool to use when attempting to deal with DirecTV.

    One you successfully escalate out of the black hole of the phone Customer Service group you will end up in the Customer Retention group. Their mission is to prevent disconnect orders. I have had to deal with them last NFL season (2007-2008) and again this NFL season (2008-2009).

    After being escalated to Carmen (agent ID U 3957) on Saturday 7/26/2008 we were able to come to an agreement on pricing and fees for the upcoming NFL season. When I asked her to send me an email with the pricing commitments she refused. I offered to document the details of our conversation and email them to her to receive confirmation in writing of the arrangements made. She again refused. Carmen simply said I have the new pricing and fee structure noted in your account record and that would be all I needed. I learned my lesson from last season that without commitments from the crooks at DirecTV "nothing sticks".

    I scribed the detailed notes from the conversation (Customer Retention rep Carman U3957 and sent it off to the DirecTV Customer Service department ( They replied back indicating that did not or would not honor the commitments made by THEIR CUSTOMER RETENTION AGENT (U3557). Instead, they wanted to break the commitment made at the time of my upgrade which was for the NFL Package *only* ($249) (7/18/2007) and the revised commitment made on 7/26/2008) for the NFL Package + Super Fan + DVR fee/mo + HD access/mo ($491.82 assuming a 9 month NFL season).

    In short, DirecTV is now and has practiced unethical and in my eyes illegal pricing policies. Stay as far away from these folks as you can and save yourself the grief.


  • Sc
      22nd of Sep, 2008
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    I wholeheartedly agree and cannot believe a company is able to to this to customers in 2008. They signed me up for NFL Sunday Ticket, I explained to the rep in my first call that my TV was HD and that I wanted the best HD receiver they sold. I got NFL Sunday Ticket set up, the installer showed me how the channels worked and through week 1 of the season (last week) all was fine and in HD. Then, this past weekend, week 2, none of the games were showing in HD and there was a logo for NFL Superfan with errors to have me call DirecTV on all my channels. I had never heard of Superfan before this day, sure enough, they tried to charge me another $99 to get the game in HD. I want to cancel my service entirely.

    Bait and switch? Absolutely in my mind, I have such a bad taste in my mouth about this company right now I really have to recommend that no one buys their service. Scam artists to the highest degree.

  • Lo
      22nd of Apr, 2009
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    I believe DirecTV is not a scam.

    People nowadays are just SO stupid and illiterate and don't read what's in front of their faces.
    It's called a CUSTOMER AGREEMENT with the terms and conditions.
    I know no one wants to sit and read the whole thing, but if you have time to complain about how DirecTV is a fraud then you should double check whats given to you.

    HD DVR or STANDARD DVRS are all under a leasing program whether you buy it with the company or a local retail store. JUST ASK. they will tell you.

    Customer Retention agents offer you something, TAKE IT.
    otherwise if the offer/credit is declined, it is no longer going to be honored.

    DirecTV isn't a rip off or scam or whatever anyone might think..

  • Pf
      7th of Jul, 2009
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    i have a two yr. contract my first yr just ended i have three recevers two stopped woking same day as yr up i called they told me i needed new receivers at a cost of 1999 each i said dont u think its strange both going same time well we could senb u a service call at 49 .99 thats what they told me

  • Oh
      5th of Aug, 2009
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    Not quite as serious as some of these other examples, but I signed up for new service and read the fine print - which said that I had to submit a rebate request prior to the installation in order for it to be active on the first month's bill. I complied, got the rebate well in advance. Installation day comes, and - "oops - we've got the wrong equipment. No problem, let's just cancel your first order and create a new order to get it taken care of." At first she told me the only thing I could do was sign up for NFL sunday ticket - I had to insist that I get the same service I ordered to begin with. Sure enough, first month's bill is full price, and the rebate is going to take 6-8 weeks to become active. For it being my first week of service, I'm extremely disappointed.

  • Do
      2nd of Nov, 2009
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    this one may apply to some of you

    Class Action Lawsuit Against DirecTV Regarding "Leased Receiver" Fees Allowed to Proceed

    Court denies DirecTV's Motion to Compel Arbitration thereby allowing putative class action that alleges DirecTV improperly assessed "Leased Receiver" fees and collected excessive "taxes" to move forward.

    Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) October 31, 2009 -- In an order dated October 28, 2009, United States District Court Judge Charles A. Pannell, Jr. denied a motion by DirecTV to compel arbitration in the case of Jones v. DirecTV, Inc. (Case Number 1:09-CV-1036-CAP). The class action lawsuit claims that DirecTV and The DirecTV Group, which are headquartered in El Segundo, California, have improperly assessed monthly "Leased Receiver" fees upon customers who obtained their receiver from an authorized DirecTV dealer. Judge Pannell also denied DirecTV's motion to stay the case, thereby allowing the plaintiffs to proceed with discovery.

    The lawsuit has been pursued on behalf of named plaintiff Andrea Jones, one of DirecTV's over 18 million subscribers. According to the terms of DirecTV's contract with customers such as Ms. Jones, a lease fee in the amount of $4.99 per month is assessed for each DirecTV receiver being used by the customer. According to the contract, however, customers are supposed to receive a $4.99 monthly credit to their account for the first (primary) receiver. Ms. Jones' lawsuit alleges that DirecTV has failed to provide the monthly credit according to the terms of the contract.

    In addition, the Complaint alleges that DirecTV also improperly charged its customers sales tax on these improper "Leased Receiver" fees. The suit claims that DirecTV also collects excessive amounts of sales tax on the leasing fees by charging customers for taxes on the credited amount and collecting a greater percentage rate of tax than allowed under state law. The plaintiffs allege that DirecTV is liable for all damages that have resulted from its conduct. Moreover, the Complaint seeks injunctive relief to prevent DirecTV from continuing to assess these improper charges.

    DirecTV responded to the lawsuit by moving the Court to compel arbitration in accordance with DirecTV's customer agreement. Had this motion been granted, the case would have been removed from the judicial system and litigated in a forum more favorable to DirecTV. Enforcement of the arbitration provision of the customer agreement also would have prevented the pursuit of the case as a class action on behalf of all of the customers harmed. Judge Pannell found that the class action waiver contained within the customer agreement rendered the arbitration clause substantively unconscionable and therefore unenforceable.

    The putative class action lawsuit has been filed by Atlanta attorneys E. Adam Webb and G. Franklin Lemond, Jr. of Webb, Klase & Lemond, LLC. The case is pending in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia. If you wish to discuss this action or have any questions concerning this press release, please contact the firm via e-mail at contact (at) webbllc (dot) com or by calling G. Franklin Lemond, Jr. directly at (770) 444-9325.

  • Fo
      6th of Dec, 2009
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    LOL I totally agree with you. First of all to the comment to the guy who STATES he had a Directv receiver with just the NFL package. You're full of BS. I've been with Driectv for over 10 years myself you HAVE ALWAYS HAD TO HAVE A BASE PACKAGE TO RECEIVE ANY KIND OF PROGRAMMING THEY DONT JUST OFFER THE NFL BY ITSELF. And for everyone else when you sign up for an advanced receiver yes you have to pay for a receiver that you will never own..would you LEASE A CAR WITHOUT PAYING SOMETHING DOWN...I THINK NOT. People quit ### because you are ignorant and can't read the customer agreement given to you at the time of installation. Just suck it up and sdmit that you failed to research the service you are getting before you signed up. IDIOTS

  • Bl
      17th of Dec, 2009
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    Just Go to
    fill out a simple form explain what happened.
    YOU will be amazed how quickly the lawyers and media department will have your concerns resolved.
    They do charge $5.00 -- If you want to share in the proceeds of the class action lawsuit.
    Or you can make a FREE report and NOT share in the proceeds..

  • Br
      19th of May, 2010
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    I have been a direct TV customer for several years. I’ve had 3 receivers for several years 1 HD receiver and 2 regular receivers. My problem with Direct began when a regular receiver stopped working. I was no longer under a contract at that time because I had been a customer for well over 2 years. When I called to get a replacement for the broken receiver (not an upgrade), I was told in order to replace the receiver I would be under a 2 year contract. I felt that was unfair to put a contract for replacement and at the time I had no other choice but to get the replacement as my roommate was using the receiver.

    Next: I decided I would upgrade the other regular receiver to HD, it was old and would problem stop working also, and I didn’t want to get stuck again with yet another 2 year agreement. (Are you seeing a scam here?)
    SO I called and was told it would be a 4 year commitment if I upgraded, but I could go to best buy and purchase a receiver and I would only have the 2 year agreement from the replacement.
    I go to best buy and I purchase a receiver using a credit card, I sign 1 time for the transaction.
    I set up everything then call direct to activate my purchased receiver as I was told.
    Now I’m told it will be a 2 year contract as it was still a lease receiver.
    Now I made a purchase of a receiver and must have a 2 year commitment when Direct would have given me one without charge and a 2 year commitment... (SEEING SCAM AGAIN?)

    Now I sold my condo and I’m moving. I have not connected the new HD receiver at this time but I’m still under the 2 year commitment because of the replacement receiver. I question about cancelling because I’m moving and I’m told to cancel it would be 450.00 to cancel the commitment.

    I cannot afford to pay 450.00 to cancel the commitment caused by the REPLACEMENT OF BROKEN EQUPIMENT. SO I move direct to my new location and set it up.

    The first installer Dwight I think told me he had to run a line to each TV because I had HD and the picture would not be good if you ran a single line so 3 separate lines would need to be run. Dwight also told me it would be a 3 hour job and he would run the lines inside the wall and now all over the out side of my walls. Well the installers show up and when they leave I have a single line running into my condo and a black box sitting on my bedroom floor with 3ft of wire all over the floor the black box is plugged into an outlet in my room and a glowing green light on at all times. (not exactly what I was told right)

    Now they set up the new HD receiver for the first time. Now I’m still under the impression I have the 2 year commitment from the replacement receiver Not HD.
    I’m now told that I’m under a 4 year commitment. When I call and speak to a manager she tells me I’m only under a 2 year commitment for connecting the new hd receiver no commitment for the replacement receiver.
    If I had been given the correct information I would never have connected the HD receiver.
    I was tricked into this by incorrect information given reference replacement receiver and I’m now STUCK.
    I have been a loyal customer not I feel like I’m trapped and can never get away from this company I have be given so much false information by your company I don’t trust anything I’m told. Please under these circumstances you can understand the frustration.
    I do not trust your company I do not wish to do business with your company.
    I feel like I have been scammed by your company. I do not wish free anything, no movie channel no free hd for a few months I want away from your company. I cannot trust the information I receive from your company. Why is it only one of your employees has an employee number? I have asked and they only give me first names no id number. It’s much easier to ID someone by and ID number first names only don’t work. Also placing caller on hold for 1 hour when they ask to speak to a manager is also poor customer service. When I called back I spoke with Regina ID NUMBER 414771 She was very helpful and suggested I write you a letter. PLEASE cancel my contract with direct TV I don’t think anyone should be put through this with any company.

  • Le
      5th of Sep, 2010
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    i been scam too [censor] directv call 18002543809 for president office [censor] them all [censor] they told me monthly package 24.99 now they charge me around 50 a month double more then they told me and if you want to cancel they will charge you 400 for it and they not event get me espnnews channel [censor] if you like sport don't get directv they are suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Ca
      29th of Nov, 2010
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    To those who allege that others are "stupid" because they don't read what's in writing, I would point out that DirecTV refuses to give anything in writing or even an email with terms of the agreement in advance of your commitment. Of course I refuse to enter such an agreement without terms but the sales rep I spoke with certainly tried very hard to appeal to get me to enter a 2-year contract and add automatic payment without any terms in writing. Instead, he simply said that everything we discussed would be added as notes to my account.

    I wonder if Dish has the same kind of practice?

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