Direct T.V. / I made a payment of 111.48 to my directv bill online!

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I made an online payment of 111.48 on March 2, 2017 and i recieved an email from direct t.v. on March9th at 8:44 that my card has been charged for this amount! This is the first time I have paid it this way and I will not be doing it again!!! My bank account shows that 111.48 has been taken out of my account on March 10, 2017! It's not right to have to pay this again when you all already have it! I want my t.v. back on or I want my money back! The Description for this DOX*DIRECTTVDOXO.IO/HELPWA!THAT IS WHERE I WENT TO PAY MY PAYMENT! I can mail u a copy of the bank statement! But I want my service back on or i want my money back!

Mar 13, 2017

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