Dillons / customer service

Wichita, KS, United States

I went to the Dillion's that I prefer to go to that is nearest to my house. My mother lives in Florida where there is no Dillion's near her and is a valued customer with a Dillion's membership, so she sends me checks that she receives in the mail so I can use them. When I went to check out my items in the self checkout line I asked the attendant to process my checks like I have done 100 times before. She was extremely rude and would not even look at me because it seemed she had just gotten off the clock. She did not explain to me why I could not use my checks and completely ignored me. While I stood theee asking questions and telling her my situation with my mother and that I have done it so many times before, she removed her Dillion's shirt and continued to check out her cigarettes and ignore me. She only said "nope. Nothing I can do about it." I was not being rude to her but received an attitude in return. I work in customer service myself and would have apologized for the inconvience and done anything I could to help the customer and I have never felt so disrespected by someone in my life. I left without my items and extremely upset with how I'd been treated. I also have a Dillion's membership and am a valued customer. My mothers money is not supposed to be thrown away and ignored. I want to be reimbursed for the $50 in checks that are now going to waste and never return to this Dillion's again in fear I'll be treated poorly and completely ignored by your staff again

May 16, 2017

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